How to Last Longer In Bed – Simple Tips to Keep Her From Ever Wanting to Leave Out the Bedroom

Article by Jake


If you’re like most men with premature ejaculation, then the question of how to last longer in bed has crossed your mind many times and took a toll on you mentally. No man wants to live with the idea of ​​ejaculating in a few minutes to engage in sexual activity.

The use of these simple tips below, you can not only last longer in bed, but keep his ‘coming’ back for more.

stimulation before penetration

I was still surprised to this day how many men skip the preliminaries and jump right into sex. Many male ideal is just piling in and sting like if there is no tomorrow. Not only it is not ideal for sex, but it has a very negative impact on premature ejaculation

This form of lasting longer in bed is to stimulate your wife both mentally and physically -. But not using your “tool” to do so. Start by licking and fondling her body and run by mouth. The idea is to get close to achieving his or her orgasm before starting to penetrate, or get her close enough to where even if you happen to ejaculate early, you can always give her an orgasm or two before going bankrupt.

Master of Masturbation

This is a method to stop ejaculating through masturbation, also known to some as “singing.” You see, when you masturbate, the idea is simply to come – in general quickly – as opposed to the extension of your orgasm as you try to do during sexual penetration. This method could greatly increase the length of time you can hold in your orgasm.

This exercise is simple, but it requires a little self-control.

1. Start by giving yourself pleasure slowly, allowing you to enjoy the sensations running through your body. If you wish, you can use some lubrication to increase sensitivity.

2. Again, begin by slowly giving pleasure, but before the “point of no return” (meaning, before it’s too late to stop), stop and give you a few seconds and then start stroking yourself again, but this time increase the pleasure.

The idea of ​​this exercise is to keep building until you can hold off your ejaculation masturbation for a maximum of 15 minutes straight, non-stop, then to 30, and so if you choose. If you can not help but to ejaculate through masturbation, then you should have a great time easier during penetration

PC Control -. Kegels

The pubococcygeus muscle is a muscle important when it comes to lasting longer in bed and overcome the premature ejaculation.

To locate your PC muscles, simply try to stop your urine the next time you’re in the bathroom. It is a muscle near the anus that flexes inward or contracts. Then you want to relax or “carelessness” of the muscle to release the urine again. This is your PC muscle at work, and you are also performing a kegel. This is the muscle you must train to enjoy longer periods of sex.

Most men have weak PC muscles

resulting from premature ejaculation. The great thing is like any other muscle in your body, you can train! Practice holding this muscle for a few seconds at a time for a couple of minutes each day to build muscle and increase your sexual stamina overall.

These are just some tips and tricks to help you delay your orgasm and live longer lasting sex. Eventually learn to last longer in bed and give your partner orgasms endless, visit the following link:. Http :/ /

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