Premature ejaculation Causes and Treatment to Stop Premature Ejaculation

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Some of the causes of PE include:

excessive masturbation with the desire for a climax that causes a rapid response habituation in the body.
2. inability to handle prolonged stimulation or hypersensitivity.
3. poor control of sexual arousal.
4. survival of the fittest sending response messages to our body need to reproduce causing premature ejaculation.
5. anxiety or performance anxiety.
6. low confidence
7. genetic hormonal imbalance.
8. long periods of abstinence.

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This program deals with sexual dysfunction classifications on several different levels. These levels are present during sex and they can be controlled. This institute offers an innovative and revolutionary treatment to remove your EP in just 7 days.

Premature ejaculation Exercises
General, doctors urge patients to try a couple of different exercises that are geared toward controlling premature ejaculation. Among them, Kegel exercises are thought to be among the most effective. Kegel muscles can be worked by the judgment and the resumption of micturition, when a man knows how to “bend” these muscles, they can exercise to strengthen them as a means of controlling premature ejaculation. In addition, many doctors advise their patients to practice without masturbating the ultimate goal of orgasm to mind by placing the emphasis elsewhere, men can work on controlling premature ejaculation that often results successfully in the bedroom. Many times, sex therapists advise people to focus on the pleasure of their partner – even while masturbating. This kind of exercise can help “train the brain” and is a valid type control premature ejaculation.

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