Best Sex Positions to Last Longer in Bed

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Best Sex Positions

to last longer in bed – Are You Ready For Sexual Stamina enhanced with these

Have you been looking for sexual positions that will help you to solve premature ejaculation and last longer in bed? Well, your search ends here, to use a clich√© often used! There are some sexual positions that will not only maximize their sexual pleasure, but also add minutes to your sex without any extra effort! Interested in learning more? I thought so too! Read on …

The best positions to last longer in bed

Position # 1 – “The Cavalier clandestine Man”

This is perhaps the best position for you if you are Research to last longer. Have him climb to the top you while having sex. There are two advantages to this post:


Control: You can completely control your excitement. This is because this position allows your body to be completely relaxed and stress free. You are lying on your back and just enjoying the sensations running through your body. When you are relaxed it, you can control your excitement when you want it

Its charging:. The best advantage of this position is that it is responsible for stimulation. Its rhythmic movements you may catch fire, but you are in total control of your excitement and you can relax or tighten your pelvic muscles with total ease. How great is that

Position # 2 -? “The Cavalier Female Inversion”

This is another great position, you can try. This is the inverse of the No. 1 position. This is where your partner goes, but in an “opposite” position. You can try this alternative after the adoption of traditional female rider. It can help vary stimulation, without losing the fun and pleasure of the act.

So the next time you want to beat premature ejaculation and last longer without spoiling the fun of the act or is obvious, try these two positions. Vary between the two after a while during sex. This is the best way to enjoy the pleasures that offer different positions, while keeping your arousal and erection for a long period.

How does a change in position Help Me Last Longer?

It helps you in two ways:

1. Appearing more dominant: Women love guys to take charge in bed. So when you change positions from time to time, you actually increase your attraction in bed!

2. No significant changes: When you’re in the middle of a sexual encounter pleasant, you do not want to do something to distract or annoy her! Subtly changing positions is the best way to manage your excitement while not appearing too obvious about it. You can use a number of sexual positions to vary both your enjoyment and to last longer in bed. Try the two variants above and make the most of this encounter the love!

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