Southern Judge Sides with Accused Child Molester to put Mother of Eight in Jail

(PRWEB) February 18, 2000


J. D. Miers

February 17, 2000


Judge sides

south pedophile accused’s mother of eight in prison

J. Miers D.

SALT LAKE CITY – In rural northern Florida, Nancy Caudle, mother of eight, stands trial for protecting her children. Her ex-husband of 29 years, Bill Caudle, was driven from Utah, in his words,? Put in prison and return to her children.? This is despite the fact that the youngest children, aged between 13 and 15, do not want to visit their father.

For over 15 years, Nancy and her children have suffered physical and verbal abuse from her husband, including his daughters? claims of being sexually abused by their father. It was not until after he broke his ribs broken and she got a restraining order and filed for divorce.

Bill, a lawyer practicing in the county, has teamed up with his long-time acquaintance, Judge Paul A. Rasmussen, Santa Rosa County, Florida. They filed a series of commands that continue to harass Nancy and children.

Despite the history of abuse and medical records to support the judge ordered Nancy Rasmussen to allow abusive ex-husband to live in the back of the house, separated only by a door. Bill continued to insist that children visit him in his part of the house, making them sleep on the floor, rather than allowing them to return to their beds a few meters. He left Florida, probably because it was written off in this state of legal practice, 12 months in 1998. Although removed for dishonesty and deception, he continued to pursue a lawsuit against Nancy.

Because he is a lawyer and can make their own of-charge, without legal fees, he has no motivation to stop legal action against repeated his ex-wife, who can not can keep its defense against dam nuisance suits.

December 1999, he organized theft of Mobile, Alabama, at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he remarried and now lives. The flights were scheduled for December 24 with a return flight on New Year? S Eve.

has much of the world, Nancy had concerns about the safety of her children on New Year? s Eve, she kept her children at home.

As a result, the bill laid a charge of contempt of court last month and it was approved by the judge Rassmussen. Nancy, an assistant special education at the local high school, had a public defender appointed to defend it in the next arraignment date.

because of repeated efforts by the bill to have a fine for Nancy various legal fees, Judge Rasmussen said last year that he could not fine her because she was only taking the necessary support from the children. However, last week in Santa Rosa County, Judge Bill Rasmussen attended the first steps in punishing Nancy to try to live safely with his children.

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