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San Jose, California (PRWEB) September 17, 2003

-?????? New Year new year resolutions new You! You have decided it is time to get healthier this new year. You promised to? Walking? and? exercise more? and as you do, you are faced with pain, sore muscles and stiff bones. How instant relief provided by the sound of hands pillow microwave therapy and freezable for you? As the sound of the heat for those neck muscles stiff and sore? How about these legs straight and arm muscles? How about something cold and refreshing for that aching back? Sounds great does not it? If you answered? YES? any of these questions, then Woobey World what you are looking for!


are allergy and asthma friendly microwavable therapeutic pillows for the relief of aches and pains. They are made with sustainable whole wheat berries and buckwheat hulls, can be used hot or cold and if used properly will last several years. You can also choose to have flowers of Roman chamomile and lavender added for this delicious perfume yet soothing.

There are many types of Woobeys:

Woobeys neck

1 -???? Woobeys U-shaped to go around your neck to ease muscle pain and tension in the neck and upper shoulder area of ​​

2?? Grand Woobeys lumbar (APRX 10×10 “) Grand Woobeys square shape that give relief from aches and pains to major areas of the body, such as lower back, abdomen, thighs, etc.

3?? Woobeys small lumbar (APRX 8×8 “) Woobeys smaller squares that can be used for bloody nose, bumps and bruises on the arms, legs, and children love to take them to bed warm for comfort.

4?? Slim Jim Woobeys (APRX 6×16 “) These Woobeys longer and thinner Woobey are our most versatile. They can be used warm around the neck for greater rigidity, withdrawn eyes and headaches, cold or used around the wrists, knees and ankles for sprains and can be used in the same way that small and large lumbar Woobeys.


5?? Comfort eyes are made to the mask as the sinuses and eyes. They can be used hot or cold for pain of sinus headaches and migraines.

6?? The Full Woobey cord (aprx 13×30 “) is made to cover the total length of the spine. It can be used hot or cold to relieve back pain.

holiday shopping has never been easier! Http://www.woobeyworld.com try today!

For more information on one of the world Woobey products, call 1-408-202-3487 or visit http://www.woobeyworld.com.

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Woobey world

Kathleen Petrides, aka, The Queen Woobey, has been in business since 2000. She is a professional aromatherapist and was educated at Oxford, England. Before starting WoobeyWorld.com, she ran a business selling crafts aromatherapy. Even if it was a modest success with that, she found that overall, its most popular items were the Woobeys. Recently, after her last child, she discovered that he suffered from asthma. Knowing that meant she needed to keep all the stuffed animals away from him, she had the idea of ​​”Critters Woobey.” Headquartered in San Jose, California, provides world class pillow packs Woobey microwave and freeze for the temporary relief of aches and pains. Woobey world prides itself on its all-natural products that are manufactured in the United States.

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