WCB – Why don’t you pay up..? “Are you an injured worker waiting for you claim?”

(PRWEB) January 25, 2004

Do you have a CAT claim, which is blocked for no reason at all? And expect to get paid? Well you are not long as there are many of us in the same boat.

In the 25 years I worked in the construction industry, mostly independent, I have had my share of cuts and bruises, but never stopped working long enough to Always make a claim for injuries that CAT would last any length of time, until now.

Over the years you become more attentive and professional in your work and try to avoid the situation that you know could cause an accident. Nobody wants to be injured or sick leave, especially because you have a family to feed and bills to pay.

Here’s how I got injured at work. I ran into an old friend at the end of the commercial industry as it has been in business for a year or two older than me, I remained, except in the private sector where I felt safe, knowing that I was working directly for the owner, and I was paid earlier, not to wait for havng 30 or 60 days as the guys working in the commercial side of the industry. Yes! there is more money in commercial jobs, headache, but less in the private sector.

Ron, I came across that offered me a job, as he really needs help to take on a project he did for the federal government on the military base just north of Edmonton in Alberta.

After some small

and phone calls over the next week, Ron told me to go work for him on the work at the base.

work to be held one month into a couple of months because they were please with my performance and offered me more work, even a full-time position. I worked seven days a week more than I myself and I wanted to give them a good job as I was proud of my work, something they saw in me, and the reason is m ‘ offered a full time position.

I told Ron

was something once that I still felt the private sector was better for me that the hours were less and I felt more comfortable working for me. I think that Ron set up-a bit and he hoped I would follow him to do more work for him.

Well, it was about three weeks at the end of my work when I got injured working on a Saturday with Ron and the rest of the guys trying to complete one of the many projects required to achieve that Ron could charge the owner (the Government), the deadline of end of month.

accident ..

I thought I just pulled some muscles in my back and felt me ​​push too hard, so I started taking the prescription pain relievers and continue to work to supplement the work I was hired for the next 3 weeks. Now finished my work and with the pressure and out of time on my hands for me, I decided to see my doctor as something was really wrong as the pain worsened. I could not? T continue to take these painkillers daily, especially because I was a health nut and never drank or ate red meat.

My doctor told me I need to take a couple of weeks off and I run my own work, I know that I never used to work at the weekend when I was myself .

a work stoppage is now, things got worse and it was time to get to the bottom of what was really wrong, so my doctor visits got better over time.

to get to the story earlier, I discovered I had two crushed disked in my back and would need emergency surgery to relieve the pain bearable now not let me in bed most of the time.

Knowing that it would be a while before I can work again, I knew I had to get after watching all the people who owned me money and collect this money as I needed to secure next two months, the time I thought I would be out of work. Ron held me the most, around $ 18? 000. 00 and I started to call him for my money. Ron was an excuse that he was waiting for his money from the government and I would soon be paid. Well time passed and still no money, so I thought I would contact the Government to see me what the problem was and why this time we had to wait for our money. Well to my surprise the government had no problem with the work that Ron was paid after giving them a stat-bridge saying all employees and subcontractors have been paid by him. Of course, this was not true and now I was concerned I became the tree of Ron.

So now, I decided to contract my lawyer and start legal proceedings against Ron and his company RWK Construction Co. (1995) Ltd. for $ 10? 000. 00 belongs to me personally, and $ 8? 000. 00 belongs to my company to subcontract work. Now with a lawsuit against my friend called more than 20 years, I was now on his list of shit and it was no longer talking to me or return calls or faxes to him.

things started to get worse as I was now told by my doctors, I would be off work for longer than expected and would have to do a CAT claim for expenses, I endure. I filled out the papers CAT claim, and should take about a month for checks to intervene and I could pay part of the expense that I had turned off to live in home care and other things I had to pay for following my injury, about $ 7? 000. 00 now.

Well, it was a second shot now that I was dealing with a guy like Ron all over again, but this time it was the CAT and also, do not return my calls or faxes I sent in. Now I’m deciding on legal action again against the CAT and will now spend more time in court proceedings with them so I’m trying to recover from my injuries worse because I now worry about how I’m going to support me, no money coming.

head of what is happening, but never thought it would happen. If you are in the same boat and want to do something, then contact me with your story and you can join to form a group to gather our resources together to do something about what makes the CAT for their customers. This is a criminal act against injured workers in Canada and our province, and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

contact me, William Harrison at:

Phone / Fax: 1 (780) 451-3366


: william@albertaweekly.com

UPDATE: January 26, 2004

A small claims action

No.P0490300619 was filed in Edmonton Court of Provincal today by William Harrison for $ 24,000 $ 0.00 belong to William Harrison. The cost of action for filing was $ 200.

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