This communication is to announce the formation of the Equitarian Cooperative Association. On a “western world” news broadcast last night the announcer said that they would be tracking Santa Clause throughout the evening as he made his way through millions of miles to take presents to “all of the children” throughout the world.

(PRWEB) December 28, 2002

December 25, 2002

This communication is to announce the formation of the Cooperative Association Equitarian.

On a

? Western world? broadcast news last night the presenter said that they would be tracking Santa Clause throughout the evening as he made his way through millions of miles to take with this? all children? around the world.

How to reduce the scope, the futility of the situation, how shallow, conditional, controlled and we are empty. Is it our epitaph, if it all ended today, because few of us has changed? What and where are the important things? Where is our spirit, the human mind which is so great, but keep hidden from view or review?

is not about what we can become, but rather that we remain.

What religion

have to do with God, the consensus policy, trade with the community or equality and fairness? Religion, politics, trade and equality are merely the outward signs, arguments and standards of those who control. They move away from the health and vitality of the community. They suppress the individual is unique and you usurp the responsibility you hold as a child of the life force itself which is giving all of us. How humanity has been authorized to create and maintain a global imbalance between wealth and poverty? A system of domination and oppression in the grand scheme of things is harmful to most benefits and ultimately so little. When should we start to see the whole and the meaning of each? Apart from other viruses, it seems that we are the last species in the evolutionary chain, which lasted billions of years. However, in the twinkling of an eye, threaten all of us who came before us. If there is a god and where you, how can you judge us individually and collectively?

Only eight percent of the world have money in their pocket and the bank then barely twenty-five percent have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, enough food and perhaps a refrigerator to put it in. Do all of us deserve at least that and who decides? Yet while most of the world, near and far, withers and dies struggles, we still recite? Golden rules? or? the founding principles? as a battle cry. When the oppressed, abused and forgotten just asking to come to the table a few seconds before turning back, we appoint committees, send packages to help on occasion, have charity events, giving blankets, prey and hope they go away. The pain is palpable even ignored. Charity is not a company or a solution in a real community, local or global, it is not even a word


Dominant socio-economic system is a weapon of mass destruction to those who have less then we should all have. Think about it. It’s time to start building a new foundation on which we can all exist equally. Commerce, government and religion are interrelated and co-dependent in defending and maintaining their positions of power and corruption. It is time for our global community to evolve, to recognize, consider, evaluate, accept and find harmony through what we have in common.

Are you happy with our content? Are you one with everything around you? Are you the person you want to be in view of what or who you think God is? Life is not about who you are or what you say but what you do.

Don? t wait to meet God, you met. You always knew God, God always knew that you and God gives us a choice, and that makes us one and all responsible and hence accountable. We have heard these words before in many ways, when is it going to be true?

We are not master of life, we are offered a place in it, we are stewards, and international co-dependent. We are each and every member of this body we call earth, individually and collectively.

reflect anomalies of life, it seems little hope in us. What is seen is deception, control, greed, corruption, apathy, pain, waste, destruction, discord, and volatility. We are the cancers in this organization. Collectively and individually, it seems, few have the ability to see and experience the obvious. You are not only responsible for your life, but your part in life itself, which includes everyone. Our species must find harmony or we will not be able to overcome and grow. We will not be able to meet the challenges that the fruits of the balance could easily be overcome. Our species must balance to be part of all. Evolution of life is the ultimate science, technology that solves the anomalies in the grand scheme. On this planet we are the anomaly, we don? T fit and yet we hold the position of lord and master. Spoiled brats and tyrants, and those who hoard the spoils and reduce the masses who come for help.

It has been said that the message is the medium, as your practice is your principle. Don? T wait to meet God, and Don? T Skip the relationship between the hands of anyone or anything. God is life, your constant companion and God is all and all of us. Each and every single event no less pious design. Treat each other in this way, do unto others as they would have you to them, as we are all one with God, but only if we choose to be. Each of you is a part of life, living in harmony with life and live in God.

We do not own this land, we share it, but nothing and no one has the right to take what he or she wants all needs are met.


seek fairness for all, governance by consensus and through direct and freedom to express and enterprise within the limits established by mutual consideration and the general agreement. In other words the needs of the majority must be met before the needs of some, depending on the community at every level of the community, starting locally and globally accepted. We create and implement a public company, a utility owned by the public, policy replacement, religion, origin, status and trade. The needs of the majority is more important than the needs of a few.

We seek dialogue with those who want to advance our individual and collective communities, cultures and societies in one direction by discussing what we have in common. The effects of globalization, mass communication, science and technology, have established the fact that we must find common ground on which to base our management community, social and spiritual, this need is undeniable.

It is time to travel in a more inclusive.

We seek those who pursue the balance, those who believe that we all have mutual claims, those who encourage everyone to participate and contribute to what could one day be commonplace, the underlying philosophy and inherent principle and practice. A socio-economic system where all are welcome to help create and maintain an inclusive rather than exclusive society. We invite everyone to leave their inclinations, prejudices, and cultural exclusivity at the door. We invite all to hear, speak, and another account of the voices and contributions of each person, recognizing, considering and assessing the common and communal of all peoples and the intrinsic value of all things. To recognize, we have the ability to do and the real consensus is the direct intention of the ideals of democracy. Also recognize that consensus was not really reflected in the actions of any democratic government at the level described in concept, its constitution, or practices of the application, the law or justice.

understand and accept that we are all responsible for the state of this world and this world starts where we each stand, physically, spiritually, socially, culturally, politically and dogmatic. It is time to collectively and individually do something.

It is time for everyone to decide whether to offer a shoulder to stand on or load their weight? Time to speak and be heard as individuals, not churches, religions, political parties, governments, organizations or groups of you may belong to, because at the end, each are aware of, and at first responsible.

It is time to recognize that we can not always tell which way the politicians, companies, evangelists, religions, executors, protesters and terrorists are on, or just, good and bad, so we must start with our families, neighbors and communities and must include all of us.

Time passed

to pull punches or to be politically correct, it is time to discuss and seek accurate social, moral and spiritual, without reasonable exclusive.

It is time to put the common issues on the table. We can no longer cling to a mirage, while a few occupy and defend an oasis. We must understand that we all change the world every day through our actions, period.

We suggest that ideals like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or guarantees and charters of civil and human rights, while Nobel creation, have become? franchises or licenses?. In addition to these ideals are the property of, and guaranteed to those they are systematically prevented.

We suggest that the established patterns prove these? franchises? are managed under the guise of free enterprise, religion, democratic government, justice, equal and impartial application. In addition to managers and enforcement officials ultimately work in favor of? Franchise? controllers, rather than those they are hired, licensed, appointed or elected to represent. Independently and without at least? Philosophical? dispute, the collective? us?, owner of the franchise democratic justice and the free enterprise system. Those in control, with few exceptions, remove the productivity, creativity or profits, for their own benefit. For them, it’s all just common sense, because we let them. It was always like that, but he did not stay. We must accept that the choice is ours and it is time for all of us to do.

It is time to enjoy the global village is an accumulation of local communities and we determine the common values, they must become the cornerstone of each underlying and all communities at all levels of community local to global.

Only 8% of the world? s people have money in the bank and in their portfolio.

This means that 92% percent are unable to live successfully on a day to day, or pay to pay, basic, that is if they are lucky enough to get paid. An alarming reality, perhaps, but is it really surprising? Reports values ​​are part of each issue of new traditional, despite the fact that 92% of the population as a whole can not invest. I believe in fairness for all, governance by consensus direct, and the ability for anyone to the company and / or express, local, freely and fairly. I propose a constructive plan and the system that is owned by and responsive to those it is in place to serve.

I think it is morally obscene, up to 8% of the population has in his possession or control, 92% of the world? s assets, resources and talents, for their exclusive use. But ask yourself, are they the enemy or simply opportunistic entrepreneurial as we please? Too few realize, we are individually and collectively to be handled, used, divided and intimidated by the few. It is time to do the math, because we are controlled by greed, our greed. Want to equity or do you want to be one of eight percent, because if this is generally true that I am wasting my time. It was time to do something for countless generations, but the system is set up to make us think that we are in control, but if so, why most of us suffer collective agreements and struggling while some comparative covet the booty.

Tens of thousands of innocent people

die of hunger every day, not because they are Jewish or Christian or Muslim or Hindu or agnostic, American, Afghan, or or or or, but because they don? t have enough food. Well, where the hell is everyone? Corruption, pollution, destruction, suppression, oppression, greed and so on. I ask again, where the hell is everyone, and muse, most are in hell, and that’s by choice.

conservative estimate is that over 90% of the media and trade are owned and controlled by much less than 1% of the world? the world’s population, so that more than ninety percent of Justice is controlled and administered by 8% or less of the population. Equal justice influence. Monopoly is the reality and there are laws against it, there are also laws against breach of contract, self indulging collusion and corruption, but still? They? monitor the implementation of the law and are held harmless or through auction self-effacement, the media and controlled technology. But in the Western world is ours, right?

This is not a conspiracy theory, it is sad and undeniable reality.

I know from direct experience than countless other victims who suffer in isolation. Those who were threatened and punished in various ways to those used by simply demanding we do their work under the contract, individually and collectively. Those who suffer, go hungry and die simply because of where they were born. Those who fall along the way and are spanned. This is allowed to produce in us individually and collectively. Most of us don? T not even vote because there is no real choice.

I wonder why it seems necessary to launch a movement to get our employees to do their job. We know that many have tried and failed. An important part of the philosophy and objectives Equitarian result, are to hold those who govern, legally responsible if they do not fulfill their contracts, and they do.

We seek

, empathy, advocacy and useful discussion that could develop into a positive change for everyone by the simple rules that those who came before us, to put in place. Let those who have sacrificed their lives, liberties and livelihoods to achieve. What we now take for granted that we sip from the bottle hanging in our cage, and sell our souls to the highest bidder.

We met them and they have guns, but we also know we have something more powerful, we are right, but you and our unity, they did not listen. We continue to be handled, used, intimidated and kept divided by a few. Little has changed.

McLuhan, among many other insights, says the message is the medium. If the medium is controlled, then so is the message, and we all know who controls the media and, conversely, that leaves them. The message is the medium as the principle is the practice and neither can be superimposed without the consensus of each community to determine the purity, accessibility and availability of both the principle and practice. As the Mayan culture has expressed? The enemy of my enemy is my friend?. In our case, the enemy collective principles and practiced exclusively benefit is closely unified and collective voice of our communities, our local communities through the world. I am a friend who wants to share and exchange knowledge, culture, education, inspiration, productivity and enlightenment, in a fair, including the empowerment of the innovative and enterprising. I wonder why it is asking too much?


Equitarian promote equitable access, as opposed to guaranteed availability, because in spite of the security, access is only available based on someone? s? level? of equality. Equality and the exclusive privilege are controlled or owned, not guaranteed, no matter where you are or what you say. Sorry, but there really isn? T? A McDonalds just about everyone?, Like Santa does not deliver to all children, relatively few actually. What bothers me is that it’s OK with most of you, or he wouldn? T happen, or you are waiting for something or someone to drive you. Choose wisely, but you have to choose. This role would scare the hell out of anyone, because you must lead you through the learning of those who speak, teach and do what you really believe in your soul.

In the book of Revelations in the Christian Bible, which comes in numerous versions, all boasted of being the undisputed word of God. There is a prediction machine technology, or perhaps get up, attack us, and so on, Orwellian style. Well, they have the benefit of oh so little. The destruction is everywhere and threaten our planet really, our only home. Cause pollution, environmental disasters, biological threats, weapons of mass destruction, genocide, global warming, homelessness, hunger, disease, war, revolution, oppression, terrorism, Monopoly, species extinction, and the concentration of wealth, resources, health, wellness and business. However, we can put a person on the moon, build a Channel Tunnel, pay $ 25 million a year for athletes to play a game. I suggest the wrong people are in charge.

has changed little. Humanity pyramids built, civilizations conquered, destroyed crops and nations, made them slaves and raped the planet and its occupants. This lasts for thousands of years and it’s not an illusion or virtual, it is an irrefutable reality. The powers that are now in control technology and the corruption of ethics and public to make us see, hear, and often believe what they want. So we had better start communicating and listening to each other in a determined, structured and generally accepted way to pay tribute to all participants, from top to bottom, because that is where most of us. The Cooperative Association Equitarian offers a constructive plan, a practice that is more inclusive, equitable, based on a more direct form of consensus that is open to innovation, creativity and empowerment of those who wish expressed or business. We were describing the symptoms of a million years and sometimes there are pockets of rebellion. It is time to do something about the inherent weakness of our social order.

We all have a claim, and is required of us, apparently by force, but it is really by choice. The choice made by those who, at least, by definition, and the constitution have a voice. Those who have a vote, but is n? T exercise or they sell to their party, their employer, their religion, their motive.

I think the human race has reached a fork in the road. In both directions on the planet can survive, but our destiny is our choices, individually and collectively, and I think it’s time to do something. It? S time to decide which path to take. Who will inherit the earth, or better said what must, because the earth is not ours to inherit automatically. The meek? Do not be humble human? We are just one component. Land and each molecule and organization on and within this framework fairness and merit consideration as members of each community unique and growing group. But no one owns the land more than any other. We always have a choice and we chose to leave regardless of the masters. It is time for accountability. Do not focus on those responsible for governance or any position of power or influence. Instead, for each of us to be responsible for each and every one of us to hold those empowered with responsibility, responsible, but how?

? s what I want us to start talking.


hear but do we listen? Aboriginal Peoples across the globe, listening, first to those around them, starting with Mother Nature or the earth. Walk in the forest or the ocean, find a quiet place and listen. The earth breathes. Like us, their fluids circulate around and through his body. It stretches, contracts, cycles and recycles all by itself, it is alive and we kill him, do not we. This planet and all life in and on it are wonders we take for granted. Indigenous peoples, with few exceptions, are the wisest people on this planet, there is no middle ground between them and the nature of their creator or their community. Cultures only when they understood and tried to harmonize, while maintaining a semblance of balance. They shared, honored and showed mutual respect, but not one of their crops remains in tact. All were outdated or corrupted by the makers and executors, despite their determination Noble and intrinsic value. Defeated by the greed and technology.

planet earth and all its components life there, as part of the universe alive. We have become the cancer that defiles, and thereby sully all life, including the vast majority of humanity. It is estimated that we cause over 80% of cancers and substantial effects on other diseases. So I just wonder who is in charge? We hear, but we choose not to listen. We see, but we choose to look the other way. We touch, but we do not feel. We believe, but we do not. We volunteer, but we do not show up. We compare, but we do not balance. We preach, but we do not practice. We note, but never ourselves. Exceptions are rare and I want to know why

avarice are only humans, but worse, it is the dominant force companies and conduct, kept in tack by the silent majority. The collective is a disgrace to us all living beings because we are mostly one of three things, the victims, those who keep the victims in the line, or those who control


The last two are ready to come back for seconds, thirds and ad nauseam quarters, while others haven? t was at the table again, while thousands wither and die, every day. We are here to overcome the survival of the fittest theory for the survival of Yin and Yang, the balance between all parties inside and the infinite diversity of life and timeless. After understanding how these treasures are shared by all when many or how the imbalance is the anomaly that life must and will resolve to achieve and maintain the bliss of balance. We disagree with the symphony of life because we think the drivers when we are on the front line, the infantry of the development that seek to increase the diversity and joy of life. We test the approach and take each contributor along for the ride. We have evolved from single cells and stand on each step, but each is important, but we destroy the power which employed us to carry its precious cargo, God trusts us and we tried the patience that life can not last.

If there were extra terrestrial beings, and I was one, I would be free to contact us. We corruption. How do you imagine a god would feel? Why do you people wonder if there is a god? If you knew that there was a god would you do differently? Compassion should not depend on who is watching, but I digress. If they, the foreigners or strangers as we call them, where a mission to heal this planet, let? S say about God? S name, their treatment would be to remove the cancer … and us. It is time to find healing and begin to heal.

I like too much space, I like to imagine and explore the possibilities, but hopefully we fail in our attempts to travel elsewhere, because all we were going to spread our cancers. We are carcinogenic, we are responsible and accountable.

It is time for the transition, traditions to be recognized then reviewed, as we begin to communicate, understand and build on existing foundations. Using what is already available, which has always been available. We are all guests on this planet, but to act as they too alone in the world.

I suggest it is time to evolve, share progress, not revolt. Time to begin a transformation to a better system of society, culture and socio-economically more sincerely and successfully understands and considers everyone. We are not slaves to doctrine, governance, technology and commerce, but rather to the principle benefactors, the few people who have the most, but is also a conscious choice, your choice, just as it is mine .

What government on earth, places, as their first priority, the rights and interests, welfare and needs of the poor, before the exclusive rights and desires of the rich and powerful? There are some sovereign states with such ideals enshrined in their constitutions. However the representative governments do not enforce the guarantees and the consensus is not confirmed. Who did they work?

Governance, technology and trade are the company? S tools and should not be used to exclude and to apply, but to allow and provide, as public services, social or community. Even those who are responsible for the implementation are given a little more, then the crumbs to compete for and in return, they provide more than half of people planets and living beings, even less.

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep … you are richer than 75% of humanity that we all deserve at least that much. This imbalance is the result of the most subtle and intrusive of violence and abuse when used to protect the company and exclusive fuel intensive and trade is the most unacceptable.


is not found through equal, but fair.

Equality is not inherently

common, it is given or distributed, in relation to standards and codes established by those in position to control them, regardless of the mandate. Equality Now, as a tenant base is used in isolation and as such a mechanism becomes division, disturbance and control, completely contrary to the honorable intent of its authors and promoters. A world where our uniqueness and differences are recognized, acknowledged, understood, celebrated and contributed to the mutual benefit of everyone and everything.


without equity divides us. This is a wolf in sheep? S clothing, a mirage, a trap, a false god, an inherent flaw in our society. We are unique, not equality, but we are all entitled to our share, equitable distribution, and direct examination and contribution.

I suggest is a privilege to serve in the administration of governance or to benefit from the company, and that this privilege is not intended to provide priority or exclusive domain over those served.


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