Read the following Masterbation Tips to last longer in bed

Article by Aveline


If you really want to understand how you will actually respond to actual sexual intercourse, then you need to do some Masterbation great time. Yes, of course, you read correctly, if you want to know how last longer in bed, and then start with masturbation. Just read the following tips on how to masturbate masterbation properly to enjoy every moment when the actual sexual relations with your partner is in place.

1. Avoid rushing masturbation

If you like to do longer in bed, then stop masturbation rush. Since this does not train your ejaculatory reflex of orgasm much faster over time. Now, when you have a desire to shake hands with the hope, so never rush, start with 30 minutes of masturbation. However, when you feel like bursting, then stop and breathe. Believe me,. Once you are all relaxed, come back once your level of excitement is back


Always prefer masturbating

It is a fact that your hands do not feel as good as a vagina. So if you masturbate without lubricant, then you are only training your body to no stimulation for an orgasm. We can say that false move. The answer is to have the same or more stimulation during masturbation. Therefore, when it is actually time for sex, then you are ready mentally and physically

Avoid Masturbating when you’re too Awakened

Many people watch porn until that ‘they are really attracted immediately they masturbate. This will only last orgasm for a few seconds. If you really want to last longer in bed and try to masturbate at all times and can never masturbate when you are too excited. Stay calm and never be too excited while masturbating.

Take a deep breath!

Remember, if you want to remain calm while having actual sexual intercourse, all you have to do is to practice deep breathing while you masturbate. If you are breathing, then you will soon see how your body and mind are relaxed, even if your excitement level is much higher.

Avoid jerky Prefer Thrust

Women are not generally do all the work for you in bed, so there is no absolute point in yourself training just was there and using a password-strokes with your hand. The idea is to start pushing real sex when using a lubricant so that you are trained to have a strong stimulation.

Finally, from the information above, we can conclude that the advice given above masterbation can help you last longer in bed.

19.06.2009 Hong Kong Arts Center.. Song by England Dan and John Ford Coley.. Lying in bed with the radio on Moonlight falls like rain Soft summer nights thinking of you When will I see you again Soft and low the music means I can’t stop thinking ’bout you, thinkin’ ’bout you I didn’t know it would be so strong Waiting and wondering about you I didn’t know it would last so long Nights are forever without you Nights are forever without you The curtains still dance with the radio on The sun’ll be coming up soon But I just can’t sleep for thinking of you Here alone with the moon (repeat chorus)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Read the following Masterbation Tips to last longer in bed

  1. pendunca says:

    Great memories! I attended two of Dan and John’s performances at a fair in my hometown. My friend and I gave them a cake at the first show and roses at the second show. After the show, John saw me standing backstage and came over to me and kissed my cheek. My young heart soared!

  2. Zepster77 says:

    Great version !!! John plays the guitar perfect for this song!!

  3. DaveWollenberg says:

    Dan and John hit #10 in Billboard, 12-11-76. God bless ya, brother John. Thanx for postin’ it.

  4. Captainkleen says:

    Dan Seals is the original singer and he backed it up.

  5. SIGNALSTAT says:

    yea he does kind of remind me of sonny bono.he is a funny guy im sure when he is on stage he thinks back all them years with dan seals what a shame dan left us way to early.

  6. KQCLASICS says:


  7. femfightwatcher says:

    Shut up and sing the effing song

  8. myfeeling4you says:

    this song penned so many years ago, sung beautifully then and now, even without one half of the duo, God bless ya

  9. georgebur says:

    I loved England Dan and John Ford Coley .. but you really need Dan for this one!

  10. kittenrenea says:

    He used to remind me of Sonny Bono in his younger years when he and Dan Seals sang together…did anyone ever notice that besides me?????

  11. stoneguy66 says:

    one of the best song writing teams of all time… hit after hit…

  12. HonRevPTB says:

    Really didn’t need the stupid story!!! Great song though!

  13. calligal55 says:

    Again, this was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE songs!!!! How come nobody does songs like this anymore??? (sigh!)

  14. boyaradz says:

    i really love this song

  15. MyRickyz says:

    Who people interested to see the original video clip in pop of the pops of this great song you can find on video 123 nl.

  16. R0CKGURL says:

    heard coughing 🙂
    thanks nice song!

  17. joealanouf says:

    man he looks anmd sounds so diffent BUt still plays the song with convishion.
    i wish he would tour arowned here…though im theonly person i know who likes him an djohn ford collie

  18. chiefnut48 says:

    Great song, Remember it well

  19. whermir4peru says:

    My favorite song, thanks…
    Gracias, buen video.

  20. ericmoline says:

    Haven’t thought of this song in years and then met a girl and suddenly it’s stuck in my head – beautiful song.

    uziman2 – I think they are all local musicians…

  21. soldiergirl84 says:

    This song reminds me of someone I met a couple of months ago. I think of him every time I hear it. If you’re reading this, Adam, I miss you so much, I hope to hear from you soon, possibly see you again.

  22. mrrandy1 says:

    Thank you

  23. wrenchesscreaming says:

    so much better to see you john than orlando listening to this song it brings back so much thanks john and rip dan

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