Police Departments Should Continue, Unabated, in Their Use and Acquisition of Stun Guns, According to Robert Siciliano, President of Stungun.com

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 3, 2005


debate on the use of stun guns continues. Manufacturers such as Arizona-based Taser International Inc. maintains that its stun guns are safe. Some agencies have law enforcement stop orders, but most are under way with plans to arm police with stun guns. Some groups oppose the use of such weapons. Advocates of the technology are making great efforts to prove the safety of less-than-lethal weapons.

? Stun guns save hundreds of police officers? lives each year, not to mention the lives of countless criminals.? said Robert Siciliano, president of StunGun.com. ? Police officers that would otherwise result in attackers pumped before the advent and proliferation of less-than-Lethal Weapons now happily stun criminals .??

An expert in personal safety and identity theft, Siciliano is author of The Safety Minute:? 01.? He has been featured on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and CNBC.

The Associated Press and others reported that a handful of agencies of law enforcement such as the Chicago Police and the Boston Police Department have delayed the use or distribution stun gun again of weapons. Decisions were in response to the controversy involving high-profile deaths surrounding stun guns.

Yet most police departments plan to continue using stun guns and stun guns promoters were stunned to submit to further the cause. These emissaries for the use of stun guns are showing how much? Less lethal? technology can be.

? It is time to put all this controversy surrounding possible stun gun death in bed? Siciliano said. ? The term? Less lethal? means someone has a better chance of living than dying. It happens to be a much, much better chance. According to official reports, about 4.2 people died each year for the past 25 years as a possible result of using stun gun. By comparison, over a hundred police officers die each year, and criminals are countless deaths over the same 25 years after being shot by police .??

Last week, Christine Wallgren, correspondent for The Boston Globe, reported Raynham? decision, in response to voters? support, adding a number of stun guns in the city? s arsenal of law enforcement. In a staged demonstration designed to gain citizens? support, Louis Pacheco, deputy chief of police there, was placed within range of a stun gun? equipped leader. Pacheco quickly recovered after receiving a 50,000 volt stun of the weapon.


? s stunt becomes a common practice to promote stun guns. In January, Paul Feldman, president of North Carolina? Based stun gun manufacturer of law enforcement Associates, Inc., has released a video that shows him withstand a shot from his employer? Device s.

other North Carolina manufacturer of stun guns, Stinger Systems, recently moved its headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts. In a move that could indicate that the manufacturers of conventional firearms see long-term promise in stun gun technology, Stinger has also hired a number of former executives at Smith & Wesson, the centuries-old of Springfield manufacturer of firearms.

? Stun Gun technology is an excellent example of progress and evolution of consciousness? Siciliano said. ? We do not use firearms to take violent criminals armed with knives and death. We give criminals the benefit of the doubt if they threaten our lives. When bad guys crack us with machetes, we give them five seconds stuns, lawyers and fair trials .??

Siciliano is available to speak with the media about the importance of promoting law enforcement? s use of stun guns. He received critical praise for his workshops and seminars that show people across the country how to avoid and escape assaults. He is certified as an instructor of safety and security by dozens of state boards. Many industry associations have certified its programs to provide their members with security training firm.

He has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CNBC, “ABC News with Sam Donaldson,” “The Montel Williams Show,” “Maury Povich,” “Sally Jesse Raphael” and “The Howard Stern Show.” He was quoted in Reuters, RealtyTimes.com, Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Mademoiselle, The New York Post, The New York Times, Washington Times, and elsewhere.

Siciliano can be reached at

1-800-STUNGUN. Http://www.stungun.com The URL leads to its website. Contact Information Siciliano follows:

Robert L.


Personal security expert

Phone: 800 STUNGUN

Fax: 877-2-FAX-NOW (232-9669)



media are encouraged to get in touch with Siciliano directly. They can also contact:


, strategic communications

Brent W. Skinner, President

cell: 617-875-4859

Fax: 866-663-6557


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