New HealWell Cub Night Splint Slipper A Comfortable Option For Nighttime Treatment Of Plantar Fasciitis

Miramar, FL (PRWEB) October 1, 2003

What is Shaquille O? Neal and seller overweight middle-aged have in common?

?? The two put enormous pressure on their feet and suffer from plantar fasciitis, the leading cause of heal and arch pain.

? With over 2.5 million new cases reported each year, it is the condition of the foot most common among a wide range of people and for various reasons. These include sports activities such as running and jumping, increased activity in the elderly, walking and working on hard surfaces, flat feet, ill-fitting shoes, and a significant weight gain in a short period of time.

A new patented device to treat this disease and other related conditions, including Achilles tendinitis and calf muscle cramp, was introduced by FLA Orthopedics, a leading designer and manufacturer of orthopedic braces and products bracing. Called HealWell ® Cub? Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Comfort Slipper rest, the device is small and lightweight with less bulk than typical rigid night splints and is covered with a soft, breathable foam material laminated moving gently against the bedding.

? Most important, the Cub Healwell is extremely comfortable and easy to apply? said Jerry Slautterback, president of FLA Orthopedics, which was the design and manufacture of orthopedic products since 1975 in Miramar, Florida, who is also the company? s seat, and Huntersville, North Carolina.

? Patient compliance is a key factor in successful treatment of plantar fasciitis, which heal with a consistent and effective? he said. ? With an easy to apply device? S comfortable to sleep in people are more likely to wear .??

The cost of

Cub HealWell ranges from $ 69 to $ 89 and can be purchased from podiatrists, home medical equipment dealer stores nationwide and online resellers.

What is plantar fasciitis?

plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia? the long strip of tough fibrous connective tissue that runs from the heel bone to the toes. It provides support to the sole (plantar) of the foot. When the plantar fascia is strained soft tissues of the fascia tear or stretch. This can lead to inflammation, pain and possible growth of a bone spur where the fascia attaches to the heel bone.

The most common symptom is a severe heel pain in the morning, causing sharp stabbing and often excruciating pain with first steps. This is because the position of the feet and ankles as we sleep promotes cramping of the calf muscles and fascia. When the feet are pointed under the weight of blankets, the plantar fascia ligament is contracted.

These first steps in the morning are painful because the muscles and ligaments that have been contracted all night is suddenly stretched and pulled. The pain may decrease as walking stretches the fascia, but will be back after an extensive walking or prolonged standing. Statistics show that over the problem lasts, the more difficult to manage.

Fortunately for

suffering from plantar fasciitis, conservative treatment, which includes the use of a splint at night is 95 percent effective? if used repeatedly.

The patented design of the Cub HealWell comfortably positions the foot to avoid contracting and provide a gentle stretch of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon during the night. This positioning helps reduce inflammation and pain while helping to promote healing of soft tissue injuries.


Slautterback, the Cub HealWell was designed to be user friendly? to encourage repeated use in the treatment regimen.


toe shoe is soft against the foot and comfortable, at rest or sleep. Lateral side support with an opening prevents heel pressure sensitive or Achilles tendon. The adjustable hinge allows the user to control the angle or degree of dorsiflexion (the movement of the toes to the ankle) at rest. It does not have sole unit because it is not designed for walking.

?????? Suffers may experience relief in their feet and calf muscles, even after the first use? Slautterback said.

?? The Cub is a refinement Healwell FLA Orthopedics? Plantar Fasciitis Night HealWell ® Splint, start a rigidity, as a splint in use for many years.

? The night splint has been very effective when used regularly? he says,? but because of its weight and bulk people have been reluctant to use it several times? which is essential in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. In many cases, people prefer to deal with the pain rather than endure a bad night? Sleep with a compact camera.

?????? The unique design of the Cub HealWell promotes adherence? the most important aspect of any treatment regimen .??

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