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Description of Labor: -Labor begins upon the ending of a very peculiar dream Friday morning at 7 am, when I was met with a contraction that left a resonation with my cervix. -Contractions come throughout the day, ranging anywhere from 50 minutes apart to 20 and 30 minutes apart. -Call my husband, who is at work to inform him that I suspect labor has begun. Continue running the day as usual, cooking, cleaning, and directing the children, while smiling and tuning into each contraction. -Husband arrives home around 7 pm After meal and clean up, sons inflate pool around 10 pm Contractions are ranging anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes apart. -After my youngest two children are asleep, I head upstairs to our bedroom (temporarily turned birthing room), where I begin to arrange the room cozily, and set out my herbs, incense, ocean sounds (nature sounds I listened to), and immediate baby prep. -I continue breathing and relaxing with contractions as they come. -At around 3 am, I begin to visualize myself giving birth, but immediately become disturbed by some plans that had been made surrounding the birth event. -At this point, labor stalls completely. -After I try walking, changing different positions, and a shower to get contractions to restart, I listen to my heart which is telling me to go to sleep. I go to bed and sleep soundly till about 8 am -At 8 am I am met with 3 very strong contractions that come two or three minutes apart. I get up expecting that birth will be soon. -I don

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  2. hebrewbaby says:

    @pinkygalvez Thank you! 

  3. hebrewbaby says:

    @CreativeHandsStudio Thank you, I hear you sis!

  4. hebrewbaby says:

    @missMusicIsLife01 Thank you!

  5. hebrewbaby says:

    @trdxsd2010 Aww, thank you so much.

  6. pinkygalvez says:

    Where was this? Very beautiful and peaceful birth.

  7. CreativeHandsStudio says:

    this was one of the most amazing videos I’ve come across on youtube. I really wished I known about these options 16 years ago before any of my children were born. Great video sister and congratulations to you and your family

  8. missMusicIsLife01 says:

    Beautiful rhank you

  9. hebrewbaby says:

    @myzleelee I don’t dispose the placenta…you can check out my video on Lotus Birth where I share how we handled the placenta.

  10. hebrewbaby says:

    @FlowerDrumS0ng Thank you sis 🙂

  11. hebrewbaby says:

    @ukrainianZAIKA Yes it is very empowering!

  12. hebrewbaby says:

    @TheMamasarahn Thank you sis! Give thanks indeed!

  13. trdxsd2010 says:

    Beautiful. I am crying tears of joy after watching this.

  14. myzleelee says:

    how do you dispose the placenta?

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  16. ukrainianZAIKA says:

    how empowering…to know every movement of your baby as he is on his way!

  17. TheMamasarahn says:

    Greetings Sis.,
    You birth video shows your strength and trust in your body and birth. Blessed be to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate all that you upload on youtube. You are a powerful queen. Give thanks. Check out my channel at: TheMamasarahn

  18. hebrewbaby says:

    @lionessqueen9 You’re welcome!

  19. lionessqueen9 says:

    Wow!! Thank u all so $uch for sharing.

  20. cqgmickey says:

    Amazing, he’s born on my son’s bday, beautiful

  21. hebrewbaby says:

    @atb1908 Thank you so much sis! This particular time around the placenta took several hours to come down…but since we’ve been doing homebirths, they’ve come down about an hour or so after the birth. This time around I believe I had some subconscious issues going on that wouldn’t allow me to let go of the placenta. After that cleared up, it came down just fine.

  22. atb1908 says:

    you are so beautiful!!! how amazing!!!!!!! I haven’t had a child yet, but we have always wanted a home birth. absolutely breathtaking. Many blessings to you! how long did it take before the placenta came out?

  23. 26aowens says:

    Wow thats great! If I am ever blessed with another child having a water birth will be the first thing on my list 🙂

  24. hasib Alam khan says:

    I have some problem at a time of inter course,I do not feel both side leave liquid(mani) inside vagina,Iam 60years old,tell me medicine remove this problem for better result for both satisfaction,

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