Last Longer – 2 Secrets That You Must Know to Last Longer in Bed

Knowledge is power

, and when you have the right kind of information, you can do in bed that you expect from yourself. What’s even better about this is that when you have the stamina, you can give your girl multiple orgasms without having to work so hard for it, and I’ll show you two things secret that will greatly improve your performance right away.

Before going into details, let me explain something real quick. When you are awake and trying to have sex, many basic functions and motor skills are removed in the moment of euphoria. Unfortunately you need some of these to help you last longer in bed.

Secret to last longer # 1 – Proper breathing

The first is so critical is breathing. Chances are now that if you have a hard time with your sexual stamina, then you’re probably not focused on your breathing.

It is important to practice regular breathing when you can remember, because not only is it good for your health, but you will see that this will give you more control in bed.

Let me give you a demonstration.

Close your eyes for about a minute and focus on your breath control. Deep breath through your nose for as long as you can, then exhale slowly until you’re out of breath, and repeat. Do it now, and then return to the
Have you done this? well. Now, something that is interesting is that when you are focused only on your breathing, it is almost impossible to have a mental thought.

If you can hear that little voice in your head tells you that you must do this or that, then you do not do deep breathing. This is why meditation is healthy. It’s like sleep. Shutting down your brain gives you more control during sex. So make sure you practice it! It helps you balance the sensations during sex.

Secret to last longer # 2 – Control PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle for short is a very important part of your body. It allows control of urine output and is the very thing you use to start and stop peeing when you go to the bathroom.

doing Kegel exercises, you can make this muscle stronger, which plays a huge role in your ejaculatory response.

Press muscle and hold for about 3 seconds, then release. To do this, about 10 times each day, and you will notice that the muscle could even get a little ill at some point. It’s a good thing. This means that you are strengthening, which means more control to last longer in bed, a harder erection and can even help you to ejaculate further. Important

final advice Take a few minutes of your day, every day to practice these two things. Better yet, why not combine the two? You can do these anywhere private – in the office, sitting in front of the television, and nobody will know

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