How To Last Longer During Sex Naturally – Effortless Technique to Experience Improved Sex and Last Longer In Bed

Article by Ralph


Most men

really want to find effective ways on how to last longer in bed, of course, to have a better sex life. The bad part is that there is more information out there that deals with creams, pills and other non-natural guys are likely to want to avoid. The article below will not try to sell yo any pills or creams, but reveal a time tested way to last longer in bed, of course, that anyone can do it.

teaching your body and brain to go longer during sex


Masturbation is an old trick that works very well indeed, however it must be well done. What I am about to describe may seem bizarre, but it works so here me out.

You need the right training tool for best results

The best way to quickly train will last longer with a synthetic vagina. You can buy the most online stores adult or if you are embarrassed.This is by far the best training tool because it gives you a sense of realism and give you the results you want quickly. Your hand also works if you are embarrassed to use a sex toy.

Seriously Crucial Tip Before you begin

If you have a wife or a girlfriend make sure you leave them on the training program you are about to undertake. The last thing you want to be treated is for them to think you have to get off using a sex toy to be happy. Talk to them and express your feelings and your desire to last longer in sex and more please. Honesty and communication is important and telling your partner about your training will be much more effective. The feeling of having to hide your training or having to rush through them for fear of being caught is gone making training more effective.

How to exercise for maximum benefit Masturbation

Training Masturbation

more sex is actually very simple all you need to do is to bring you the very self close to orgasm and then back and wait for your body to calm down, then repeat the process 10-15 times this exercise once a day if possible. You can not really wanting to climax every time this will help both the condition of your brain and nerve endings in your penis to last longer in sex. Be sure to keep track of how long you last each time and try and add time to each session.

How long to see results using this approach

Because all the guys

is different, I really can not say how long it will take, but you should start to see positive results after a few weeks of regular training. Remember that you get out what you put into your workouts in order to give maximum effort for maximum results.

it will be nice to have intercourse when training with this system

You can have all the sex you want when you are training but make sure that when you feel that you will peak out and let it calm down before continuing. Make sure you leave your partner what you can do like this could be annoying if you stop suddenly.

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