How On-the-Job Field-Testing Builds Strong Customer Relationships While Ensuring Exceptional Conveying System Quality

(PRWEB) December 7, 2003

Port Royal, PA? Eighty and sixty-five, Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.? As they apply to the metal stamping industry, truer words were never said.

manufacturers of metals

Many work today employ auxiliary equipment and production props that are designed to improve or extend the performance of manufacturing operations. However, over time, many of these products may fall short of expectations. Whether it? S due to lower components or poor design, under-performing production equipment can drain profitability and erode customer confidence? a total? lose lose? situation.


: field test? The science behind the success

company has developed a method which guarantees total customer satisfaction in the performance of its products, while building strong customer relationships at the same time. Vibro Industries of Port Royal, PA, the oldest manufacturer of pneumatic conveying systems in the United States, employs good old field-testing of trial and error. Field testing can refine Vibro its products, called carriers, handle on the job performance requirements before they are put on the market en masse.

The principle behind the Vibro Transporter is its pneumatic cylinder design that runs on air pressure to move a product-tray back and forth, regularly causing the material in advance. Instantly slow the forward acceleration, the material is transported forward. During the return stroke rapidly, the material remains stationary, thus ensuring constant movement in one direction. Leroy Johnson, President of Vibro Industries, presented the first carrier in 1985. Since that time, Vibro continues to improve its products with extensive experimentation and rigorous testing. Today, Vibro carriers operate in a wide variety of conveying applications in manufacturing operations worldwide.

Depending on the situation, Vibro test site provides customers with the model 250, 320, 450 and 850 prototypes Transporter. Once installed, Vibro closely monitors the performance of each test unit. Typically, a unit is tested for about a year. Then a new unit is installed and the process starts. When a customer recommends adjustments, Vibrator employs them. Vibro then installs the most recent modified unit. “I need to know that our units will be held until the customer can throw at them,” said Lee Johnson. “I’d rather take the time to make technical adjustments now at the prototype stage, but to live with the consequences of a disappointed customer after the sale .??

Subhead: New Standard Corp. Partners With Vibrator To test the Bad


Vibro-customer site, New Standard Corporation of York, Pennsylvania, is currently testing several models Transporter, including the newly redesigned Model 850 Transporter (the Bad). New Standard Corporation (NSC) is one of many Vibro test site clients. NSC began operations in 1941 as a manufacturer of kitchen appliances parts and assemblies. The company then moved to metal stampings in the 1950s. Today, the NSC is a world class manufacturer of metal stampings, fabrication and assembly. With two manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania, NSC features the largest capacity bed stamping press available on the East Coast? with a massive 2600 tons capacity.

Bill Gurreri, a NSC veteran of some 20 years, is the establishment of specialized engineering in charge of production procedures to NSC. “Bill checks all new jobs coming here to the new standard,” said Frank Parduski, plant manager of NSC? S Hellam installation.? It sets new procedures for obtaining raw materials in a press, how us go out of stamped parts, and how we? Go out scrap. It all engineers in the front so when the work arrives, the falls are formed, the racks are ready, the conveyor system is in place, and everything is ready to go, “said Parduski.


​​Bill was instrumental in the formation of working with Vibro test, and was closely involved in the process since. Most recently, Mr. Gurreri Vibro chose to test? Brute redesigned S 850 Transporter on a 800-ton Minster press.

850 Brute Vibrator has been redesigned? s original model 850 Transporter to provide four distinct advantages for the user. First, the Brute 850 now has a smaller profile and is lighter (47 lbs. / 21.3 kg) compared to previous models, making it an excellent choice for disposing of waste in machine tools or other applications of treatment. In addition, it moves with a combined capacity of more than 500 pounds of load and 100 pounds of weight plateau. There is little air consumption 3.4 CFM ** (certified to half the air consumption of the other models) and offers a variable speed from 15 to 40 ft / min. This means multiple trays can be mounted on a single unit, the replacement of more conventional conveyors. Surprisingly, the Brute 850 costs no more today than the first model in 1994.

Brute 850 is adaptable to existing production lines and can carry a wide range of materials quietly and efficiently without downtime typically required for cleaning and repair attributed to common carriers. Units are now coated steel redesigned longer life, they employ more durable bearings, and they include rails with self-cleaning wiper. The life expectancy of 850 gross is now comparable to other models. All models are warranted for two years. After two years or when needed, they can be rebuilt at the factory and guaranteed again for another two years.


: Communication is essential to the successful experiment

Plant Manager

NSC, Frank Parduski, is pleased with the relationship Vibro. “Vibro is always willing to work with us to make adjustments in their designs. We provide feedback on things we see and we fail to note the problems encountered. Sometimes our suggestions for refinements and sometimes they work n? T. Either way, this process ultimately depends on a winner, “said Parduski. “We need something? S will work for us. It must be durable, reliable, cost effective, and should do the job … every time.”

Parduski appreciates integrity Vibro brings to the testing process. “They never act like whether it’s their product alone or dictate how the process will be handled. Instead, they ask what can we do to improve the equipment? Or, we can provide to help improve your production process? ” Parduski said. “We have parts and debris to move. We need to get out and away from the tool before they begin to accumulate causing damage die needlessly. Effective and scrap the partial withdrawal is very important to us. “

Parduski also sees the need for ongoing communication with the supplier during the testing process. “Vibe has been very open and honest about their product and willing to try different things to improve their product. We? Are very honest with them and is the only way that both parties will never achieve their goals for, “said Parduski.” It’s a win-win situation for both companies. They? Re onsite at our facilities and this often allows us to provide visual feedback on an ongoing basis.

Subhead: Other materials handling systems not up to the test

Vibro Transporter is not the first conveyor system that NSC tested. Parduski remember other conveying systems that come and go over the years. “We tried conveyor belts, but they required too much maintenance. With belts, shafts, and motors, you? Have to keep this all repaired and in good working condition all the time. In addition, energy costs were much higher. Chute systems vibrator and air jets operate with a high noise level, so the noise becomes a safety issue, “said Parduski.” We love the benefits of Vibro Transporter. It is quiet and efficient. And because ” it works entirely on air pressure, it saves energy and money.? Parduski also likes the carrier? Low Profile, which allows installation in tight and cramped places. Because multiple chutes can be mounted on a single unit, a carrier Vibro can replace several conventional conveyors.

Old Abe once said,? Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.? Maybe he would have agreed with Vibrator? S time tested field-testing approach to product development. More importantly, Vibrator? Customers do s.

For more information, contact:. Vibro Industries at 717.527.2094 or email

** Certification tests were conducted by independent testing laboratory with equipment that complies with ASME Std. MFC-18M (2001).

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