How Do Last Longer In Bed Explanation Of Ed

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    It looks like the woman is Masturbating.

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    what happen when u cover the woman head and glass ?

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    This was funnny

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    I loved the music, an the video was pretty good too :D.

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    i like the bride going commando under that dress lol

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    Wow cool vid. I’m glad I clicked. 90% though is photo shop. The airplane in the full moon is tight. The hippo in the bikini reminded me of my X. Then low AND behold, you had a pit. of her. (the one driving in the fence post) What boat ??? Generally thats how I leave McDonald’s. Oh and hello silly, the black man at the podium is speaking to the invisible bicycle people… open your mind. And that music was sick. listen deep. Those women are true vocal artist. T/Y eml1967.

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