How a Man Can Last Longer in Bed


by Simi S

To be successful in the bed, a man must find the balance between endurance and excitement. If a man is too excited, the experience may be too short to satisfy his partner. However, sacrifice fun just to last longer is not ideal either. There are some simple techniques to prolong your sexual experience without sacrificing the fun.

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lists in your head. This is the most classic men delay sexual gratification. A major reason men can not last as long as they want is that they are psyching themselves too. If you are too zealous or too in the moment, a quick end is a major risk. One way to slow down the mind is to think of something else. While you may think what you want, lists are a good way to keep the mind from wandering too much. The list of baseball is perhaps the most famous. To this list, the man thinks of baseball teams and goes through all the players and the stats associated with this team. You can apply the list of topics at all, though. For example, try to find with fruit or animals that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Other possible ideas include the recitation of the 50 states of the United States, winners of Super Bowl or Olympic venues. Try not to spend any time thinking of lists, however. Use this device as a way to calm your nerves.
Another alternative that works for some people is to empty the mind as completely as possible. Try not to think about sex or anything like you to think.
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Take a break to go back to foreplay. A return to kissing or oral pleasure give you a chance to rest while moving the action from the experience. Plus, your partner will think that you are particularly dedicated. Once you feel a little more in control, to return with love regularly.
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change. If a position feels too good, try another. Communicate with your partner as well. Sometimes the most enjoyable positions you may not be the most exciting for your partner. If your partner really loves a position that is more tolerable for you is the best of both worlds. Positions such as missionary (man on top standard), inside sitting (lying with your legs crossed while your partner gets on top and facing you) and any position that your partner moving forward-backward instead back-and-down can help control the global tempo of love. If the tempo is more manageable, many men can last longer.
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Apply a small amount of lotion desensitization. Some companies of condoms, as a Trojan horse, have desensitization products with lubricant already in it. If not, look for a standalone product, as Durex Maintain or Boy Butter. Different products offer varying degrees of numbness. Try one of the few and make sure to go to the middle. You still want to feel something, right?
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build stamina through masturbation. If you try to extend your experience of masturbation, you develop some important skills. For example, as you masturbate and climax approach, stop now before reaching orgasm. Wait a second, then resume. This will train your body and your mind to the conquest of orgasm squeeze too quickly. How
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