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(PRWEB) January 30, 2004

Extreme Makeover

are all the rage today, but something important has been forgotten! Although plastic surgery, new clothes, makeup, and a new one? Do? certainly help, a complete makeover can be significantly improved with the restoration of hair.

A hairstyle fashion new

can not go so far, so the locks are thin and listless. Adds Bosley hair transplantation permanent and natural appearance of the combination of options for makeover candidates seeking the ultimate transformation. For men, hair loss is so critical that it affects psychological well-being. A makeover without positive and permanent psychological benefits is hardly worth the effort. Procedures of modern hair transplantation surgery are better than ever.

? While hair loss is not fatal, it is one? dis-ease,? said Ken Washenik, MD, Ph.D., faculty member of the New York University School of Medicine and international expert on hair loss? It is a condition of life that affect which causes discomfort and interrupts one? s quality of life. Hair transplant surgery is a good option for those who are psychologically unable to cope with hair loss .??

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Hair loss

stole my youth. I worked every day, yet I still felt old, and I’m tired of people guess me to be older than me. I’m tired of trying to comb my hair at age 26. It devastated my self-esteem. I felt every time I entered the room, people make comments like, ‘Wow, what great shape for your age. You are like, what, 34-35? It just was not right. I even tried a wig to 27. Do you know what it is messing with glues, tapes, bonding agents, and alcohol wipes to remove any residue on the front? Still hoping it’s not too windy or the waves are not too big, or it does not move during intimate encounters? I’ve always dreamed of having one day what we all know that “bed head.” And you know what, I do now! And I’m so grateful when someone comments that my hair is drawn up. I told my doctor, ‘Thank you for changing my life! “I am more confident, and now have a beautiful woman, I never imagined I could. My self-esteem is through the roof. “


Branga, Boston

? One of the best decisions I ever made was to take the time to have hair restoration. It completely changed my life. Dilution at a young age destroyed my confidence. I wouldn? T leave the house, and if I did, I wore a baseball cap. My social life is almost nonexistent. After the transplant, my self esteem has increased significantly. As the hair grew, I had no problem going out without a hat. I might even look people straight in the eye. My life has since flourished because I am no longer considered a young man who loses his hair. I am myself again! Anyone affected by baldness should consider options for hair restoration. Earn your hair back is easier than you might think .?? p

Papillon Anselmo, Seattle

I would

scared of what I look like today if I had not done hair restoration. It has changed my life in many subtle ways, which have a large cumulative effect. How I interact with old friends, new faces, and colleagues of the opposite sex – all have been significantly affected. When I know I’m beautiful, I tend to be more assertive when I do not think I do. Getting my hair back gave me that old self back. “

Bryce Hach, Gainsville, Florida

? When I realized that my hair loss becomes noticeable, I felt insecure and inadequate. I still had my confidence derived from my appearance, and now it was changing. Now 50 years after my hair restoration, I am no longer self-conscious. I am aging gracefully! During the procedure, I experienced very little discomfort and I felt no need for drugs against pain. The results are real, genuine and sustainable. Choose to have a procedure is a sign of dignity for me: if we value, spending minimal time and affordable cost is a positive measure of self-esteem.?

Dr. James A.

Lough, Beverly Hills


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About Bosley

Bosley enters its 30th year in surgical hair transplantation with over 180,000 procedures performed since 1974 – the world’s most experienced hair restoration practice?. Bosley advanced many artistic techniques used worldwide today to achieve natural results under the leadership of hair restoration pioneer L. Lee Bosley, MD There are 76 sites across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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