Attention Ladies…Do You Suffer From Monthly Cramps? New Website Can Show You How To Relieve Your Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery.

(PRWEB) November 4, 2004

monthly camps are a huge problem for many women today. Women have suffered from cramps since the beginning of time. But in today’s world is a much larger problem.

amount of stress in our daily lives cause serious physical problems for many people. For many men, the back pain. For women, it tends to be cramps or other gynecological problems. Most of us live in a kind of rat race. We are constantly bombarded with various constraints … work, traffic, crime, terrorism, television, advertising pollution, work-related stress, not to mention and toxins in our food.

our stress tends to manifest itself with physical ailments. This is the mechanism of the body ‘natural defense … if you are busy thinking about your pain, you will not have time to worry about what you said.

Reiki Master Jeff Donovan has found his technique to be very effective in treating monthly cramps. “My ex-wife used to suffer from cramps monthly, sometimes she comes home from work early because she felt so bad. After my first class, Reiki, I bought a massage table and began practicing on it just to practice, never imagining Reiki heal her cramps. One night while we were in bed, she said, “Put your hands on my stomach.” I had cramps and went away. I continued to work on it once or twice a week and by the time of the next cycle, she did not suffer from cramps longer. “

“After about two years I advanced to Reiki Master. As I began to teach others to heal, I found that many of my students suffer from cramps and Reiki has worked for them. I have a student who came to me because she was suffering from endometriosis. It was very painful for her and she suffered severe symptoms … she would get physically sick and uncontrollable. After my class, she been able to put his hands on his abdomen and refrain from getting sick. Even I was surprised by that. “

Reiki is an ancient art of Japanese energy healing. Many believe it was the same technique used by Jesus and Buddha and other great healers throughout history.

Reiki is completely natural, holistic and therapeutic. It is relaxing and relieving stress. Reiki heals on physical, spiritual and emotional healing so true and lasting peace can occur.

We are all born with the ability to heal, but these skills are not reinforced in most homes, so the skill is “forgotten”. All that is needed is these skills to be awakened by a qualified Reiki Master and learn some simple hand positions, applications and theory. It can easily be learned in a few hours.

Reiki is so easy, anyone can learn. It is so easy to do you can do while watching television, sitting at your desk, or when binding to sleep at night.

Reiki is taught at three levels: Level I, II and Master. Once a student begins to learn Reiki, he or she can immediately begin to heal themselves and others.

Additional uses for Reiki


removes blockages

relieves stress

improves sleep

promotes healing Auto

Reduces headaches and migraines

reduces cramps

Increases energy

Promotes detoxification

accelerates wound healing

helps resolve emotional problems

promotes relaxation

relieves anxiety

help you feel better!

You do not have to suffer more!

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