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(PRWEB) December 14, 2003

Note that all products sheepskin is a by-product of wool or meat industry. Sheep are raised for two main reasons, one is for meat production and the other is for the production of wool. The sheep breeding for meat production is a totally different type to that of sheep breeding for wool production.

There are many sites around the world, mistakenly refer to wool as being fur. Any website that refers to wool as being fur should immediately arouse suspicion of any purchaser would, as a person closely involved in the sheep industry should know that this term is totally unacceptable. Sheep have wool and not fur.

byproduct of the meat industry is the skin of the animal. Caching is used either with the wool still attached to produce what is called? Wool? products sheepskin or wool is removed and the leather is used for items such as leather garments, handbags and leather shoes. When the wool is kept on the skin, the uses to which the product is used are varied, but two of the best known are the sheepskin boots and sheepskin rugs. Sheepskins, which are the byproduct of the wool industry, sheepskins are those from sheep which are slaughtered at the age. They are sheep for many years have had their fleece shorn to hide it with the fleece of wool used for a wide range of products ranging from carpets of wool fine mesh. The use to which the wool will be depend on the type of sheep from which it came. Once the sheep was slaughtered at the age because it is more likely to produce wool, leather is then available for use as a sheepskin. The quality of the skin and wool, in these circumstances are different from the skin that comes from a sheep. It is critically important for a consumer to know that the type of wool used to mean a bedding wool, is an entirely different type of wool to that used for an item of clothing of fine wool. Similarly, the type of sheepskin that comes from a Merino is totally different type of sheepskin from a Suffolk sheep south. There are many statements on the websites on the choice of sheepskin, however, we believe it is especially true as the nature of the industry does not allow the selection process to be as definitive as is represented by many manufacturers said.

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