5 Powerful Tricks to Last Longer in Bed Guaranteed

Article by Cameron Blyth


10 men at random and ask them if they want to be able to last longer in bed, chances are at least 7 of them would say yes. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem in men of all ages, but it is something that is not discussed. And that face, who wants others to know they can not satisfy the sexual desires of their partner. Do not worry though, there are ways to last longer in bed guaranteed.

So chances are if you read this you are a victim of premature ejaculation. Long before entering the towers for sexual stamina, you must first ask, “why do I suffer from PE? It is important that you understand the root causes of your problem otherwise it will be an endless battle. Many men suffer from PE due to performance anxiety, the stress of everyday life, the bad habits of masturbation and erectile dysfunction. Once you understand what is causing your problem, you’ll be on your road to recovery

Now, as promised, five strong towers to last longer in bed guaranteed


1 -.. Love muscle conditioning
The first trick is to do exercises that will strengthen the PC muscles in your pelvic region. This trick will not only help premature ejaculation, you will also get harder erections and increase the level the pleasure of sex. These exercises will help you stop an ejaculation approaching either muscle contraction or keep them relaxed. A good conditioning regime with appropriate exercises and form allows you to really increase your sexual stamina and confidence


2 -. Additions to diet
The key here is to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. These foods include blue berries, red grapes, tea and acai. Another food that will help you last longer in bed is guaranteed fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines


3 -. Change your approach to sex
One of the main reasons you want to last longer in bed is more likely to be able to meet your partner. So do it by putting their needs first. For example, perhaps some preliminary long tease. Not only does this make the experience longer and keep your excitement in check, but it will also help your partner achieve an orgasm


4 -. Masturbation technique appropriate
course, this may seem silly, but using the technique of masturbation wrong can seriously affect your performance when it comes to the real thing. Basically, if you’re used to having just masturbation sessions faster than this will be reflected in the room. This is because your body gets used to orgasm quickly and it’s something you do not want! Another mistake many men are masturbating too often. For example, if you go down three times a day and do it quickly, you’re completely ruin your chances when it comes to show time


5 -. Keep Cool
It is extremely important to stay calm during sex. Sure it may seem difficult with your partner lay naked in front of you, and thoughts through the back of your mind about them wanting to get an orgasm. But with a freshness, a calm attitude, you will last longer in bed guaranteed. If you go to thoughts like “I hope she has an orgasm” or “I hope I can get it right this time” that you just set up a failure. Having a calm, beautiful and tell yourself that everything will be fine and if it happens it happens and if it does not it does not. But with four other stuff under your belt, you will be able to last longer in bed guaranteed.

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  1. Brian says:

    So if you did the masturbation technique wrong and your body is used to orgasm quickly,,is there a way to reverse that??..

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