12 Back Tips to Celebrate this Holiday Season Pain-Free by Michael Greenspan, CNMT

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2004

Ah, the holidays: A time for family, travel and shopping. The last thing the world that you want for your throbbing, aching back and to act to curb your enjoyment and relaxation. While back pain plagues an estimated four out of five Americans, life does not have to be a pain this holiday season. While the holiday season brings on many additional responsibilities and stresses that can significantly aggravate the tension in your back, after certain precautions can help relieve your aching back.

So how will you manage your blood vacation while dealing with the in-laws, cramming in your airplane seat like a sardine, and shopping in the middle of chaos? Taking the time to manage your stress and pain before it takes a toll on your back will ensure a happier, healthier, more pain-free holidays to enjoy. The following tips by Michael Greenspan, CNMT, certified neuromuscular massage therapist with Santa Monica Massage Therapy Neuromuscular you well on your way to maintain a healthy back during the holidays:

1. Whether at home relaxing with family or at work, sitting in a chair with firm back support. Never sit on very deep or stuffed

chairs or sofas.

2. When moving heavy objects like rearranging furniture for vacationers, pushing, don? T traction.

3. When traveling by plane, a short walk down the aisle

where possible and try some stretches, such as lateral bending and arching back.

4. When the luggage or shopping, try not to wear heavy shoulder bags, they can pull you off balance and

strain your back.

5. Avoid twisting to reach objects such as ornaments or holiday


6. Use a stepladder to reach high objects.

7. Don? T curve more furniture to open or close the windows.

8. Don? T stand in one position for more than a few moments. Shift your weight from one foot to another, or to elevate one foot on a small stool.

9. When lying in bed, Don? T extend your arms above your head or behind the neck. Instead, keep your arms relaxed at your side.

10. Do your best to avoid sleeping on your stomach. If you must, place a pillow under your abdomen to help relieve stress on your back.

11. When out of bed, bend your knees so your feet are flat on the bed. ? Log Roll? with you, and as

you bring your legs over the edge, begins to sit.

12. Consult a qualified health care professional if the pain


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