Why Men Want to Last Longer in Bed During Intercourse

Premature ejaculation (failure to come to sex too soon) erodes a person’s ego, confidence and esteem of home! A hypersensitive penis is one of the major contributors to premature ejaculation. The head or end of your penis contains millions of nerve endings that can be hypersensitive. These nerves are hypersensitive overwhelmed when you enter, the sensation sends them over the edge and you ejaculate. For most men, and FEAR anxiety is the major problem.

The occurrence of premature ejaculation brings on many problems …

feel anger against you and others around you

men with the premature ejaculation were found to have significantly less satisfaction with sex and sexual relationships. A man who ejaculates prematurely often can leave partners feeling discouraged and frustrated.

Unsatisfying Sex is a major cause behind failed relationships and that explains the main reason why men want to last longer long in bed. If a male can effectively manage his ejaculation, then half the battle is won.

Over 85% of men with or without nominal EP needs a partner as very or extremely important.

Ejaculating at the right time leads to a relaxation during sex a dramatic increase in sexual frequency, sexual arousal and satisfaction.

last longer in bed, you can pursue your own pleasure not having to worry about whether or not you ejaculate prematurely. Men can also increase the pleasure of their partner having the stamina to take longer to complete that one can experience together.

last longer in bed, also reduces sexual tensions between the partners leading to a satisfying sex life.

Men who have overcome their problem of premature ejaculation can relax and enjoy the experience of making love without worrying that ejaculation may occur too soon. In addition, the partner may obtain ample satisfaction from the experience.

men want to last longer because they would also improve their self-image which increases their confidence and their ability to socialize. Men who learn to control their ejaculation often become more confident and outgoing.

Thus we see that the benefits last longer and are too numerous are the treatment options available. These days there are some natural remedies to correct premature ejaculation and the results were much better than traditional medicines. Most of these remedies are found to contain certain types of aphrodisiacs that have proven to have the ability to help the man keep his hand on his erection and delay ejaculation for a longer period of time. What’s more they also have the ability to stimulate sperm production in the human body and boost the level of the libido of any man. Last of all, they have no side effects and are very effective to cure premature ejaculation effectively.

last longer in bed

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