The US international travel and tourism industry reached $115.3 billion, the highest over a five year period.

Dublin (PRWEB) February 20, 2006

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Travel & Tourism International 2005 – Profile of the United States to their offering.

U.S. holiday and leisure travel market reached 115.3 billion dollars in 2004, the highest rate for the period 1999-2004. Economic hardship and the terrorist attacks of 2001 caused declines in the market in 2001 and 2002, but with the stabilization of the economy and the threat of terrorism, consumers are back to travel decreases. Baby boomers are recognized as the largest demographic targets, and as they age at retirement, so that increases the time available for them to take longer trips.

The main challenge the industry faces is consumers make travel more than five days, with many promotions currently available are directed towards the last minute short break traveler. The Internet provides the perfect opportunity for this, with a growing number of U.S. households connected. Continuing advances in technology will enable a greater level of convenience for research and travel booking online. Competition among online providers will keep prices down, one more for the budget conscious traveler.

Another challenge is the perceived image of the airline industry. While price wars keep costs down, which comes with the risk of flight disruptions due to factors such as labor disputes. Low-cost carriers continue to be a threat to major airlines and consumers have indicated they are ready to take advantage to save money on flights.

This report includes a detailed analysis of leisure travelers. This includes an assessment of the main concerns and priorities when choosing airlines, the distribution of preferences and behavior by demographic characteristics and statistics of purchasing frequencies. A market forecast of five estimates of the future market, with a statistical forecast of market performance until 2009 and an overview of demographic trends and travel.

the purposes of this report travel, vacation and leisure is defined as an inner journey of five or more nights away from home with at least one night’s accommodation paid (ie staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast or cruiseship). The analysis focuses mainly on commercial accommodation for hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts. In addition, if any, self-catering accommodation will be discussed (cabins, camping).

This report

country profile is part of the subscription travel and international tourism. This series provides quarterly tourism profiles of destination countries. Each quarterly issue features six profiles, all providing a cross section of countries established or emerging as tourism destinations.

critical to industry professionals who must accurately evaluate a country? tourism prospects and capacity, to each report, and pools the most relevant market-based information and analysis.

reports are compiled by a global network of industry analysts who provide market-based information as well as detailed, insightful and localized interpretation of facts and figures. Covering 24 individual tourism destinations over a period of 12 months.

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