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Point Roberts, WA (PRWEB) February 18, 2006

http://www.OilandGasStockNews.com (SKMT) and http://www.NaturalGasStocks.com (NGS), websites of global investors for Nature gas industry, energy and oil, the characteristics of the oil? Market Outlook and gas? a report for investors and industry following the sector. Impact on oil prices and natural gas supply and demand resulting from warmer weather, political unrest in oil producing regions and the president of? Emphasis on reducing dependence on foreign oil are evaluated by Chesapeake Energy, Oil Oil and Gas, Eden Energy Corp and CanWest Petroleum Corporation.

Stressing the need to plan ahead, Jeff Mobley, Vice President, Investor Relations and Research for Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE: CHK)? explains, the country does need a coherent energy strategy that makes sense relative to the economy and pays attention to supply and demand. There are many long-term fundamentals that will be conducive to high prices of energy, thinking and longer-term is very important.

According to Paul

Branagan, CEO of oil Oil and Gas (OTCBB: Poiger)?, trends in current prices are still well above those of 2005 and in terms of an indicator species remains very hard to continue drilling and aggressive? development in the natural gas sector.

As President Bush reiterated the need to reduce dependence on foreign oil, the industry participants to evaluate ways to increase exploration and oil production in the country. As Don Sharpe, CEO of Eden Energy Corp. (OTCBB: EDNE)? Explains, there are a number of things the government and industry can do together to help stimulate the supply of domestic oil. This would include streamlining regulatory processes, tax incentives to encourage exploration in areas of risk most remote or high, and encouraging the production of unconventional oil from tar sands, oil shale and heavy oil projects.

As described by Tim Brock, a consultant at CanWest Petroleum Corporation (OTCBB: ESSP), Canada has the capacity, through the development of the Athabasca oil sands, which took place over the last 10 – 15 years to help stimulate the domestic supply of oil. ? Canada now supplies about 15% of oil needs of the United States and is likely to double over time? according to Brock.

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flagship oil and gas companies to the public: (SKMT and NGS are compensated by oil oil and gas, and Eden Energy as disclosed in disclaimer.)

Eden Energy Corporation (OTCBB: EDNE) has acquired 261,000 acres in Eastern Nevada. This area includes part of the prospect of oil Noah, a giant 53 mile long, 7 mile anticline linear range. For more info: http://www.oilandgasstocknews.com/CO/EDNE/Default.asp

Petrol Oil and Gas

, Inc. (OTCBB: Poiger) is a producer of oil and gas whose main objective is the development and methane production of oil, gas and coal (CBM) in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. For more info: http://www.oilandgasstocknews.com/Petrol_Oil_and_Gas/Default.asp

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