Lasting Longer in Bed – 3 Effective Techniques You Can Use

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If you want to have and maintain a healthy sexual relationship, restraint and ejaculation last longer in bed, are skills that you will acquire. A sad fact is that anyone, man or woman usually remains in a relationship where sex is not satisfying. The quality of the sex can usually dictate where a relationship is headed.

unfulfilling sex is extremely frustrating. The sexual frustration is creating tensions in the relationship that may lead to bickering, arguing and constant breakage.

Luckily all this can be easily avoided. Here are three techniques that can be used for withholding ejaculation and last longer in bed.

1. With the help of a good formula for desensitization you can quickly and easily expand your remaining time. Although they are not permanent cures, they can be used as a quick solution to a longer duration during sex. You simply apply and you are protected. There is no learning technique or tactic to use. It is, however, that the anesthetic effect that many men find it very difficult to over look. However this option is one that is there if you need it.

2. Another technique is the use of condoms specially designed. These condoms are either thicker than usual or are treated with a fluid of desensitization. The purpose of this is to decrease the sensitivity in the male sexual organ. Because for many, less sensitivity equal better control and longer lasting sex. With these condoms there again this question of numbness and loss of excess in sensuality, but may be another answer to the big time over in bed

3 .. A very popular and effective technique is to actually build the capacity of natural origin that lasts longer in bed. This is not an impossible feat and is actually easier than it sounds. There are programs that show exactly how to control ejaculation naturally and without external aid such as condoms or creams.

While these programs allow you to ejaculate only when you are ready to do so, they require a little more time and effort that the above techniques. But you will not sacrifice the sensitivity and the results are permanent.

last longer in bed is the key to the satisfaction, fulfillment and sex enjoyable. Last longer in bed also means happier partners and relationships best.

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