Last Longer In Bed-A Womans Help


by John Ferry

Learning to last longer in bed is a process, it may take some time. For a given male is one of the main obstacles they face when they make love. It is true that we learn more about erectile dysfunction and Viagra, but it’s really bothering what people in the room.


articles focus on what man can last longer and talk about things like breath control and thought control, etc., but this article is that a woman can do in the relationship to help the last man any longer.

If you are a man seeking help that you can share this info with your partner, and if you are a woman here are some ideas that you can follow directly.

1) Do not be harsh with him

Allot of men who suffer from premature ejaculation may already feel emotions such as pain sensation of failure and inadequacy in the bedroom. Some men may even be afraid that their wives will leave them for a man who can last longer. The important thing to do here is to be kind and understanding with your man. Let him know you are there for him and you can sort this problem both together. By working this way, you can at home to last longer in bed.

2) Give it a gentle tug

If you are with your man in bed and you feel you have reached the point where it may not be able to last longer, you can join to down and give his balls a gentle pull. This will slow it down and allowing it to go a little longer in bed.

3) Breath with him

This technique is borrowed tantric sex for it to last longer in bed. Before you start making love to become aware of his breathing and match your breathing to the rhythm when he breathes. Tell him what you do so you can both keep up with the other. The thing to do then is your own breathing voluntarily slow down and make him keep time with you. Doing this will allow him to relax more and it will then go for longer.

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