John’s Easy Ways To Last Longer In Bed Tonight


by John Ferry

Hi there. My name is John and I am a premature ejaculator. At least that’s what I was until I searched the net and book stores and managed to teach me to last longer in bed.

If you are looking for a cure premature ejaculation, you can feel like I did before, when I was cumming faster than speeding bullet every night. I felt depressed and useless that I could not last more than a minute or two. Nowhere is the amount of time to get my girlfriend off.

If all this sounds familiar when you need to know that help is there for you. With a little time, you can learn to last longer, but this article is about covering some tips that can help you last longer in bed tonight. Check out some ideas below, and good luck with a love life more sustainable.

1) The trick loaded gun

You may have heard of it but just in case you do not, it’s time to get your weapon out before you get your gun off. The idea here is to ensure that your ejaculation for an hour or two before you are thinking about love. This will help you stay focused longer the main event.

2) Change positions around

If you want to learn to last longer in bed, you’ll have to learn a few different positions during sex. If you are approaching that point of no return everything you need to get out and go to another post. The time you spend in the transition will help you delay ejaculation.

3) A council rapid breathing

The breath is often overlooked in our quest for help when we learn to last longer in bed. The key here is to use the breath as a tool to stabilize yourself as you make love. If you feel that your desire for higher peak, you can control it by simply diverting your attention to the breath and put your attention in this area. You will find the urge to calm down and return to normal.

4) Extend foreplay

If you want to delay ejaculation is a good idea to master certain techniques that can give you preliminary results. Allot of men trying to overcome premature to attribute the focus on ejaculation of the sexual act itself, but if you can bring him closer to its peak with the preliminary engineering that you will not be under the pressure as well to last in bed. Try a few caresses finger down on the clitoris until the level of excitement is beginning to peak and then continue with a market as long as you can. If you are depressed because of your inability to please a woman, Ejaculation By Command is for you! Ejaculation By Command will help you end the shame, frustration, humiliation and insecurity that was a result of you coming too quickly. This will tell you the specific set of muscles that you must train to help you last a lot longer and certain techniques that will be exactly taught to you so you can be confident in any situation you find yourself in. Go to for more info!

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