How to make my husband last longer in bed


by Kingsley

inability to last longer in bed haunts many men. But being able to last longer orgasm can be easier than you think.

If your husband has trouble lasting long in bed, it can affect his pride and possibly your relationship. Then you need to understand how you can play a role in helping to cure premature ejaculation.

When a man takes control ejaculatory well, his interest in sex improves. When faced with the urge to ejaculate during sex at first, many men feel obliged to have fun. They believe that by focusing on other things, they can make it last longer.

The key to making an orgasm last longer is to be able to recognize how you feel when you are close to ejaculation. This is very important if you want to take control of your ejaculatory pattern.

A very good resource for learning to control his ejaculation is ejaculation by the control program. Click here to read a review of ejaculation control

So here is a simple 3-step gain ejaculatory control.

1. Learn to control your breathing. This is very important if you want to last long. You will notice when you’re about to ejaculate, your breathing becomes deeper. Many men make the mistake of trying to stifle their breathing. This is huge mistake. Try to breathe deeply. Let your breath go. Many men are amazed how this change improves their little premature ejaculation.

2. A very simple that I use is to last longer shower or bath with my wife just before intercourse. This can help men relax and enjoy all the sensuality of the body – and last longer. Try it.

3. Masturbation: Learn to caress your penis. When you feel on the verge of creating and ejaculate, back off and let the pressure ease. When you feel a little distance from your point of no return, a return to more vigorous self-stimulation.

Repeat this process over several sessions, and you will find yourself being able to last longer during sex.

Slow, deep, alternate nostril breathing improves mental, sexual, and physical performance. For a More Centered Mind Greater Longevity & Endurance Easy Meditation Hightened Awareness and effortless control During meditation, work, sport, and sex 3 to 5 minutes is enough, but you can do more, gently. Do it when you wake. Do it before you sleep. Do it before you meditate or before you might make love. You will sleep better, think more clearly, last longer in bed, effortlessly, and enjoy the effortless flow of pleasure and subtle energy that comes from clear meridians and smooth, slow, deep breathing. It’s great for men great for women great for children and teens. Breathe smoothly, deeply, and slowly, and smile! Tao Semko, Instructor
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  1. stretch4859 says:

    I have Tao Semko’s Abs of Maxick, I thoroughly enjoyed the dvd it was very instructional in the dvd Tao Semko teaches you how to do Uddiyna Bhanda and Nauli.

  2. stretch4859 says:

    I have Tao Semko’s Abs of Maxick, in the dvd Tao Semko teaches you how to do Uddiyana Bhanda and Nauli. I thoroughly enjoyed this dvd. Very instructional.

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    good work

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    Cool advice.

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