How To Last Longer in Bed Naturally


by John Ferry

If you suffer from premature ejaculation can be a real obstacle. Sex becomes the time that you fear something rather than being something you should enjoy. It can also leave you feeling like a failure when you are done, and can cause tension and anxiety between you and your partner.

I have described below some things you can try to help alleviate this problem.

1) Obtain a greater awareness in your body

Allot of men who suffer from premature ejaculation have not developed the awareness and sensitivity as to when they are about to pass that edge. It’s something you can change, but only this awareness training back into your body. The best way to get that awareness back into your body is the practice when you are alone, approaching the point of no return and then back again. Over time, you will get more awareness and control and will be able to last longer in bed naturally.

2) Do not be a perfectionist

If you want to last longer in bed, of course, you will have to abandon the perfectionist tendencies that assign men who suffer from this problem. Take things one step at a time and celebrate the small victories. For example, if you can in 3 minutes a night and then you reach the last six minutes, it’s real progress. When you start to go easy on yourself and relax, you’ll end up in more naturally.

3) simple relaxation techniques

Take time to relax and close your eyes. Now consciously pay attention to different parts of your body and you get to relax each part of the area. When you arrive at your buttocks area, spend more time in this area. You can use this new skill when it comes to the main event.

The next time you make love, if you are coming to the point of no return, consciously relax your body and you will be more sustainable course. This is because many men are tense when they come to the point of no return. Relax the muscles can reverse the process and help you last longer in bed, naturally.

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