Historic Breakthrough for the World’s Finest Life Enhancing Tools on the Market-Raised from 1000 to 2600 Energy Level Soon-to-be 4000

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 15, 2007

After extensive testing, the historic breakthrough came in for a raise in resonance not only all their pendants, but all of their state-of Energy-The-Art amplification systems too. The Worlds Finest Amplification energy quantum systems and pendants are available at: http://www.gods8laws.com / http://www.TheWorldsHealingCenter.us / http://www.TheEssenceOfHealing.com

Deborah Stuart, President of the Institute for Oxygen LLC. and his research team have once again beaten all the odds to achieve a level of excellence beyond expectations. His enormous drive, knowledge and expertise in his field of research in energy medicine, have once again demonstrated its systems to be incomparable. All its environmental systems Scaling up the energy, and pendants are now at the quantum level, “Source” or “Divine God” energy level. This energy is now rated to 2600 from 1000! “Soon, more than 4000! The quantum level of energy feels the ground, energizing and is more protective than ever.” Stuart said.

Stuarts Life Energy Amplifier Systems are used internationally in homes, offices, therapy centers, yoga studios, health clubs and meditation centers to enhance the vital energy of the atmosphere in the room or building . Stuart was quoted as saying. “We recognize that what people really need is one more life energy, or more life force so they can heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, we recognize that we age and or subject to environmental toxins and pollutants, including negative fields of electro-magnetic energy of all microwave stations, cell phones, computers, microwaves, son of the ground electric etc, our vital energy is impaired and decreases. Our goal is to improve and extend the life force or vital energy. more Life Force Energy was available, the greater the sense of well being and happier and healthier you feel. “

Mary A.

Thomas, director of marketing for worldwide distribution, as well as a master healer, spiritual teacher and author, had this to say: “This high level of energy I’m having multiple pendants I wear is absolutely the best that I ‘I lived very day. I feel more grounded, balanced, mentally strong intuition increased. I noticed that I no longer feel drowsy, or want to go back to bed when I look outside and see the gray sky … I always felt very well but now I can feel my energy level is much higher and I find myself to be more consistently connected to my Higher Self and God. I feel a wonderful feeling of well being! “

Environmental Systems Life Energy Amplification are customized to order, priced at $ 4999. Energized Pendants are a distillation of these energy systems much more expensive. He was told to wear one of the pendants, it’s like wearing one of the biggest energy systems of your body. The pendants are now available in limited quantities. The 1-inch by 2 inch 18 kt. Gold-plated MegaChi ™ Pendants priced at $ 249.99. The new round of 1 inch HighChi ™ Pendants are available in Sterling Silver $ 249.99, plated 18 carats. gold, $ 299.99, or 14 kt. solid gold at a price of $ 999.99 each, while supplies last today. Lifetime warranty. Dealer and Distributor inquiries welcome. For more information, please visit: http://www.gods8laws.com, http://www.TheEssenceOfHealing.com http://www.TheWorldsHealingCenter.us/


Mary A.

Thomas, owner and CEO

Healing Center

world of US / http:/ / www.TheWorldsHealingCenter.us

http://www.gods8laws.com / http://www.TheEssenceOfHealing.com/

LifeEnrichingTchnologies U.S.

Director of marketing for worldwide distribution of

MegaChi ™ and HighChi ™ Pendants.

P. O. Box 27944

Denver, CO 80227-0944

1-888-237-0190 Toll Free in the U.S. and Canada

Phone: Denver1-in (303) 980-1562

Fax: 1 – (303) -980 to 1582

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