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Marietta (PRWEB) January 14, 2006

Author Louis Adams releases new book, “forgetting that.” This book will be a comfort to all those who endured the tragedy in life and lead us to obtain healing and delivery to our inner being.

This book will be a powerful follow-up of his published in April 2005 by the publication Authorhouse Diary of a broken spirit. This book is sure to minister to the person who is struggling to move beyond their past. Pastor Adams says, “While we have been traumatized by the events of our past, and though life may seem uncertain through your eyes, remember that God has an ultimate plan for your life that will rock your world! Through this book you will understand why sometimes tragic and disappointing events of your past will be used to make you a person much stronger and wiser.

Mr. Adams has decided to cover this subject in this new book because of all the state of the world today. Mr. Adams said: “We saw so much tragedy in the last two years and I do not want someone to blame God for that!” Moreover, “there is chaos both in the Christian church of today ‘ Today, I pray that God gives us, in all sincerity for its purpose and the will can be done in the world. “

Learn more about Louis Adams and his books at Mr. Adams’ first book “Diary of a broken spirit” is also on the Forbes Book Club.



I had a dream last night. In this dream I was in my room to rest. The room was filled with white mist, like a fog. As I continued to sit on the bed, a voice spoke to me. The voice whispered in my ear and said? Louis?, I want you to go back and you left something. As I put it there in absolute rest, my mind began to run a hundred miles per hour. I tried to understand what I had left and where I had left. Could it be that God is trying to tell me something? In this case, I feel that God was trying to get closer to him so I can receive clear instructions. As Christians, the Spirit of God must lead us. You see, this dream really bothered me. I began to pray and ask God to reveal to me the meaning of this dream. Deep inside of my soul, I already knew the meaning. God asked me to come back to my first love. Its funny after all these years of his ministry to others, I realize that I needed to be placed on the potter? S after the wheel. Well, through all difficulties of my Christian life, I had to realize that if I converted and become as a little child at the feet of Jesus, with a docile, obedient and docile mind, I would never reach spiritual victory. In am not totally surrender to God, I’m not just hindering me, but the lives of others that will be built by the impressive testimonials that have been made manifest in my life. I challenge you today to ask God to speak to you. Ask Him to give you the courage to see and accept things that are inside of you that need to be purged. Ask Him to help you see you for who you really are. After doing this, the real issue may come into your life. I want you to understand that the issue is a process. You are delivered daily. Pay attention to signs that God puts in your way of life and listen with your spiritual ears to what the Spirit of God has to say. As your delivery arrives, you can not look at your past like a bad dream. You will now look at your past and are happy that you did in spiritual boot camp and can now enjoy the fruits of your increase.



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