Angela Is No Longer Hungry, Homeless and Addicted Due To the Help of a Model Homeless Shelter in New Jersey

Paterson, New Jersey (PRWEB) June 26, 2007

Eva Village, one of the most respected anti-poverty programs in New Jersey and the country is looking for additional volunteers and donations for help more people like Angela.

Angela said she had no idea what it was to be kissed and said that you loved as a child. Rather, she was severely beaten by his mother and an older brother left in charge while his parents worked day and night, because she was afraid of the dark, she was locked in a cellar without light for for hours. Angela was finally driven from her home while still a minor, because she became pregnant. The minimum wage job, she became one of the “working poor” in America, one of the minority populations fastest growing in the country, and found it impossible to support herself and her two year-old son.

Sister Gloria Perez

, Executive Director of Eva’s Village, notes: “While the homeless in New Jersey and drug addicts are always present a challenge, the number of working poor who have low-paying jobs to full-time, seem to increase every day. ”

Angela continues, “I was really living from hand to mouth and being desperate and lonely, fell in love with the wrong person and was introduced to the world of selling drugs? I thought I was on top of the world because I was the daughter of a well known drug dealer. My husband was picked up by police and spent much of his time in and out of prison. I, too, lived that life. I have been in state prisons and county both drugs for sale, aggravated assault, theft and shoplifting. “

Angela gave birth to a daughter but lost so much weight that doctors suspected AIDS. Despite her illness, Angela continued to use drugs and was incarcerated until her daughter was 3 years old. Her illness was finally identified as a disease Crohm and despite multiple surgeries and recovery periods, she has committed crimes to pay for drugs and went to prison again and again. Eventually, Angela lost parental rights to her by then 11 year old daughter and ended up in a drug detoxification program. Angela said, “By God’s grace, I was accepted to the program of recovery Eva Village woman, but even though I was constantly angry, every time I would be in the program a counselor would defend me and state that they felt there was hope for me. One day the Clinical Director literally yelled at me in my face. He reminded me my father because he did not abandon me. That day I finally was ready for treatment. “

As Angela says, “Eva’s Village helped me look at my life? I finished the program long-term recovery and am now living in an apartment transition Eva. I had to go to court to get my daughter back in my life and the judge commended me and spoke highly of the village of Eva and how it helps many people. “

Angela now lives with her daughter at the shelter for homeless Village of Eva. She works and asked a local community college to pursue his studies and Sister Gloria arranged for a sponsor to pay the tuition for the daughter of Angela to attend a local Catholic high school.

Angela has words of gratitude for “? all of you who support the good works of the village of Eva? I stand before you representing all those whose lives were saved thanks to your kindness.”

originally a New Jersey soup kitchen, Eva’s Village was founded in 1982 by Mgr. Vincent E. Puma in response to the problem of homelessness in his Paterson, NJ parish. But Msgr. Puma soon realized that the soup was not enough. In 1996, when – with the generous support of donors and private and government grants – Eva moved to its new facility on Main Street, he grew into a full-scale “village” to meet the needs of the homeless, drug addicts and the poor.

Today, the village of Eva is one of the most respected anti-poverty programs in New Jersey, with many programs that respect the human dignity of individuals:

Village Kitchen

Eva serves an average of 240 meals a day away.

Central Village admission

Eva offers extensive case management for the poor and dependent.

Emergency shelters

Eva Village night for men and women provide beds for men and women chronically homeless and more than 18 years. Shelter clients receive food, shelter and clothing, and assistance with progress toward independent living.


Eva Village for mothers and children provides a safe and comfortable home for mothers over the age of 18 and 50 children who stay an average of four months in residence.

Eva Village Apartments transition for mothers and children offers 6 two-bedroom apartments for families who need time and resources to move into their own apartment.

Men of the village housing

Eva support provides permanent affordable housing for formerly homeless men who have completed the recovery of Eva.


Eva Village Primary Care manages more than 4,000 patient visits per year for medical, dental and foot for the homeless and working poor, largely provided by the generosity of volunteer physicians and dentists.


Eva Village Residential Recovery for Men and Women provide a treatment program in three phases, which usually last 9-12 months for those addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Program offers intensive outpatient Eva Village counseling, group therapy, education, and monitoring based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria, and a full range of psychosocial services.

Eva Village is actively seeking donors and volunteers to help serve the growing number of homeless, addicted and poor in New Jersey. To make a donation to the village of Eva, to find our about volunteer opportunities in New Jersey, or for more information, go to, call 973.523.6220 or write to: Sister Gloria Perez, Executive Director, Eva Village, 393 Main Street, Paterson, NJ, 07501.

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