36 Months of Hell, 180 Crime Incidents Against One Woman

(PRWEB) August 18, 2005

The following is edited from Mercedes Dunewic. For more information, contact Mercedes Dunewic on 01740 650401, 31 High Street, Market Square, West Cornforth, Co. Durham, DL17 9HN.

? I moved to the northeast 36 months ago and now have been subject to more crime that no one should have to endure in a lifetime. I suffered 180 criminal incidents from my car being written off as “Die Bitch” through the door and smeared dog excrement pushed through the mailbox, too.

February to March this year, I supported with 23 incidents of bricks, bottles, etc., and thrown through my windows 28 days.

I was informed by the support of victims not to leave home alone and have no more than 9 months. The days are long and the nights even longer – I have not slept in a bed for nearly eight months, for fear of gasoline bombs which I was threatened with


I can hear you ask why? I did what we’re used to be proud as a country to do. I spoke for justice and yob culture challenged. I was the local council who told me it was a police problem and they did not help non-tenants. I went to the police who mismanaged incompetent with an error after another.

One policeman was convicted of obstruction of justice as he forged my name on a witness statement. Another officer told me not to phone, because the crime figures were too high, keep everything connected and it would gather evidence VT, now they admit that all was lost. The officer has been moved on without action.

I approached an officer of environmental health who refused to help me because in his words: “These people know where I live.”

I wrote, and had a private meeting with my MP. His agent at our last meeting in August 2004 said: “I will come see the problems for me.” I’m still waiting.

I phoned the Home Office that I had exhausted all avenues. They finally sent an “action team together” and organized a day of action for learning the local partnership. I was asked if I would develop a plan and have done so. I even met one of the practitioners in my home. I showed him the problems first hand. I was hopeful.

I waited and waited and nothing has changed. Finally, the Home Office said that the council would write to me as they thought the Board was a “good job”. So right now even as an ASBO has been breached several times to serious crimes, the father of the perpetrator who was President of the Council until a few weeks ago and sat on the CDRP, (Partnership for reducing crime) refused to acknowledge my position.

I’m at the end of the road, left with a beautiful detached house, I can not live in. I can not leave unless I leave it to people who would not mind living like this, and I have not met yet. I can not leave it blank. So I exist from day to day with candles only at night, because if the lights go out on a brick through the window.

my MP, who wrote to me after our last meeting by saying “I hope you keep casual contact with people in the village …” But he did nothing for me. “

For more details, please contact Mercader using the contact information above.

Photos available on request

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