Wireless Backbone Pioneer Fails to Complete Funding

Norfolk, UK (PRWEB) October 9, 2007

Newman Concepts Ltd, whose patent for a wireless high-speed backbone, was recently published, failed to fulfill its contract financing.

The patent

NCL shows the cost of actual construction of a wireless backbone formed from low-cost components. Access points users are isolated from the spine and therefore does not interfere or degrade network performance.

NCL development platform is a 30 Kilometre live rural network that has been refined over the last four years. The network serves approximately 200 users and has a 20mb backhaul. NCL has demonstrated 2ms (or less) latency of nodes that can be up to 7 km apart. End to end network can achieve a return time 15 milliseconds for a packet to travel from one end of the network to another and back

While the NCL system can be used to build low-cost high performance wireless networks, it is also suitable for upgrading existing wireless networks that follow the system “Mesh” design. http://www.newmanconcepts.co.uk


wide area wireless networks have failed to deliver the performance promised and the patent system awaiting NCL can solve these problems.

While improving these

NCL networks can generally reduce the number of required returns to the Internet and save the customer considerable costs in progress.

earlier this year NCL began negotiations to receive up to $ 5 million of funding which was completed in September. Despite being no fault of Newman Concepts Ltd the matter did not end and NCL has sought the assistance of the director Stephen Katz of Fisher Partners, London.

Stephen Katz commented: “Financial planning NCL has been referred to a funding agreement appeared to be completed even if it was later than expected. Once it was confirmed that funding was not available NCL was left in a very difficult financial position and sought our protection. We are now a buyer or partner for NCL that can take the company forward. ”

order to find a solution to the crisis of funding partners NCL Fisher Michael Charles of Amco educated Agency Ltd to search for interested parties.

Michael Charles said: “Amco has considerable experience dealing with companies whose main asset is its intellectual property, we can see that a company no longer NCL NCL concept can prove its technology works as it operates a full implementing 24 / 7 with up to 200 users … This test has developed software to manage, control and added security in a real world environment “

“We seek a buyer who can take decisive Newman Concepts on track with the minimum of disruption. There is a team loyal to NCL who are ready to help achieve financial technology. “



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: Amco Agency

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