Tips for Selling a House in a Slow Market

Miami Beach, Florida (PRWEB) May 26, 2008

It’s no secret that home prices and sales dropped sharply in line in recent months – the market dynamics shifted in favor of buyers and sellers. This does not mean a house will not sell, it’s just that the rules have changed. Here are six tips for a For Sale By Owner website Web to help you achieve a quick sale at a fair price on the market today revised housing.

1. Make these repairs. As in past years, it may have been enough just to cut the grass and retouch the paint, anyone looking to sell in today’s market will take care of these repair projects more expensive too.

2. Market prices. Unfortunate though it may be for sellers, demand for real estate has softened significantly. This means that in many cases, sellers have to lower their asking price below what the house might look just a couple of years back.

By setting an asking price above market value, homeowners risk driving potential buyers away. “There is a buyer for each property if the price is right,” says Julia Foster, vice president of marketing at

3. Be flexible. Ensure that your home is ready to show at any time, it will be easier for potential buyers to view. So make your bed every morning and clean the dishes before leaving for work, in case someone may want to come in at the last minute. In addition, owners must be ready to disappear on Saturday afternoon and Sunday if potential buyers are free to view the property.

4. Bite your tongue: If a potential buyer shows up with an offer you consider too low, resist the urge to turn up your nose. After all, it takes a considerable amount of paperwork to make a formal offer, so that even offers a low interest signals.

5. Make the Internet work for you: posts your ad to 80 partner sites. Putting a home on helps sellers market their home to millions of buyers. To turn Internet browsers into customers, online property listings should boast multiple high quality digital photographs from inside and outside their homes. The online listing should be combined with a yard sign to attract people driving by the house.

6. Consider putting the house on the MLS: The Multiple Listing Service or MLS, is a complete inventory of homes on the market. Sellers should remember they no longer need a real estate agent to get their house on the MLS, homes can be placed on the MLS through

About is leading “for sale by owner” site of the nation. The company charges a modest fee for its wide range of resources in advertising and real estate at a price of $ 49 to 499 $ . However, a person selling a house $ 300 000 through an estate agent would be charged a 6% commission and pay about $ 18,000. Potential buyers can browse property database, available at http : / / at no charge. See Eugene, OR homes for sale.

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