Shocking Techniques To Prevent Premature Ejaculation And Break Your Own Erection Record!


by Max Carlson

There are many free techniques you can use to prevent premature ejaculation. If you can master these techniques, not only are you on your way to reach “premature ejaculation free” status, you could also break your own record erections like never before! The best part is, you do not spend a fortune to learn all these techniques. In fact, most of these techniques can be learned and practiced free

# 1 – The Start and Stop Technique

This “start and stop” method has helped prevent premature ejaculation many. It can be applied for masturbation, fellatio and intercourse.

What to do here is to start the stimulation of man or by masturbation, thrusting or oral sex. When he is on track of peak, stop stimulation. Allow the man to relax and start again after the stipulation of the urgent need to ejaculate disappears.

Repeat for several times until the man gets better control over ejaculation and how to stop upon reaching a point “of no return”

# 2 -. Squeezing Technique

This technique involves the man or his female partner squeezing or place a fairly firm decision on the tip or base of the man’s penis before ejaculation. This decreases the amount of blood flow to the penis and helps prevent premature ejaculation

# 3 -. Press your “panic button”

Little known to many, there is actually a panic button “nature” in every man which can be used to prevent premature ejaculation. This button is a conduit lies between scroum and anus. When you feel like ejaculating, have you or your partner press with their fingers and you can often stop the ejaculation before its too late

# 4 -. Check your pelvic muscles

Check the pubococcygeus muscle is another way to stop premature ejaculation. Pelvic muscle is the muscle we use to keep us on the way to urinate. Train the muscles. Contract the muscle for at least ten times a day to improve your ability to control it. The training of the pelvic muscles is rather easy to do and you can actually do it anytime anywhere without being “taken” to do

# -. 5 Ejaculate during the second time

This is a well known fact that men generally take longer to ejaculate during the second penetration / intercourse. To prevent premature ejaculation when actual sex, you can masturbate and ejaculate you can then have the second round with your female partner. If the first time was quick, try to engage in extended foreplay or oral stimulation before continuing with the second round. It usually takes longer than you and helps delay ejaculation

# 6 -. Wear your condoms

Condoms can help reduce stimulation during intercourse. While you might feel less happy or excited with the condom on, which is a great way to prevent premature ejaculation and help prevent the sexual transmission of the disease

# 7 -. Take lasting sexual position

Except 6-no when you may need to spend some money to buy condoms, the rest of the techniques that I share with you here are all free. Try them and if you want to know more about techniques to prevent premature ejaculation mentioned above, please refer to the reference material below.

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