Quality Incontinence Care Gets Easier: Company Creates Super Absorbent Underpads

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2007

Leading online retailer of adult diapers and incontinence care product developer SecurePersonalCare.com is adding to their popular line of adult incontinence products Super absorbent with their latest creation: X-Alais Plus. The addition of third-party products for X-Plus line of products includes incontinence care more than 5 times the absorption capacity of the largest brands of underlay.

normal mattress, which are used as a protective barrier to keep the furniture and beds against damage caused by the urine, is one of the most commonly used for incontinence. The average mattress can absorb between 8 and 15 ounces of liquid with absorbent underpads highest bidder no more than 40 ounces of absorption. The new X-Plus SecurePersonalCare.com ALAIS office until 75 ounces of absorptive capacity, which is roughly equivalent to the average adult briefs and the more layers.

Gary Hirsch, inventor of the product X-Plus and specialist care of incontinence, comments that “these are really the mattress product created for the most absorbent incontinence care. In addition to over-the-top absorption, they also have non-slip surface to ensure they remain in place on any surface. I am proud that SecurePersonalCare.com can offer such a quality product for incontinence care. “

ALAIS The X-Plus will make life easier for people with incontinence and their caregivers. In the past, mattress tended to move, up in bundles, and trailing after minimal use. The X-Plus mattress is the next generation of pads and incontinence care, with more absorption capacity, quiet, gentle, non-slip support and the ability to use the mattress for a longer period of time without having to replace them, these products offer more durable, easier to implement care for people worldwide.

super absorbent, non-slip backed X-Plus mattress is available on the site SecurePersonalCare.com ‘s, or by calling toll free 1-866-440-0049. All purchases of ALAIS X-Plus, like all other products sold on-site shipping, free feature.

For more information on the range of X-Plus, including the new X-Plus mattress, please visit the retailer to SecurePersonalCare.com adult diapers. For more information on the new SecurePersonalCare.com, or for the care resources and information on incontinence adult diapers, please visit http://www.SecurePersonalCare.com.

About Secure Personal Care Products, LLC:

Secure Personal Care Products, LLC operates mainly SecurePersonalCare.com – the first online resource for adult diapers, personal care products and supplies for incontinence of bladder control. With the Advanced X-Plus incontinence care products online and offering free discreet shipping and secure online ordering, the company aims to meet the needs of American markets aging Baby Boomer with incontinence information and quality products for personal care. Founded in 2005 in Northern California, the population SecurePersonalCare.com incontinence supplies America with adult diapers and a complete line of care products for incontinence. You can feel secure with Secure Personal Care Products.

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