Pet-Super-Store and Pet Service Revenue Surges to $2.2 Billion in 2009

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 4, 2009

American Pet Products Association’s 2008 Research and consumerism watch pet supplies and distribution services totaled $ 4.2 billion.

In America, 71.4 million pet owners have been found this year – an increase of six percent over the past decade, which is a factor contributing to increased incomes for Pet-Super

“Our sales have grown significantly over the last three years,” said Victoria Knight, Senior, an online pet store that carries power over 500 high quality dog ​​training products. “Our customers come from all over the United States and around the world.”

National Public Radio

explains in an article that the need for pet products and service will continue to rise. NPR points out that more people are forced to work longer hours to compensate for the loss of colleagues from other colleagues, making it the benefit of the animal sitting service. Also, people spend more time at home with their pets, and begin to see their pets more than children and animals. reports some special products such as GPS tracking collars, training equipment, luxury dog ​​beds, dog car seats car and pet urns are in high demand for owners animals, indicating that the animals are really treated as family members.

“We do not sell many products based animals,” said Knight. “But most of the products that have skyrocketed over the years are special items that meet our clients’ unique needs for their animals. “

People are starting to

the value of their animals more and more. As the number of increase in pet owners, and the number of animal lovers remain consistent, animal products and consumerism services continue to skyrocket. For more information on the industry of animal products, please visit copyright? 2006-2009 is an online pet supply that offers thousands of accessories and pet supply store high-tech training. All at guaranteed lowest prices.

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