New Way to Recycle Old Sleep Masks and Save Money

Toms River, New Jersey (PRWEB) March 2, 2008

Terry Weber originals by Weber, Toms River, New Jersey, announced the immediate availability of a radical cost-beneficial to extend the life of sleep masks banners and many light-sensitive people wear to bed almost every night. Most masks are worn to improve sleep by keeping the lights annoying that can disrupt or prevent sleep. But with constant use, these masks are worn and dirty. Now there is a way to cost-effective to recycle the masks and make them last longer while at the same time providing greater comfort and better light blocking benefits for carriers sleep mask. The new Weber Washable Liner sleep mask can be easily fixed inside a sleep mask (blindfold). The purpose of the liner is to provide a washable surface and easily removable which is easy to install as a buffer between the back of the mask and the wearer’s skin. In use it also provides an extra layer of soft padding so that the mask is more comfortable to wear. The addition of the lining replaceable Weber also greatly extends the life of the mask rather expensive base. Instead of replacing the entire sleep mask, the user simply recycles by attaching one liners relatively low cost Weber.

When asked why he invented the Weber washable liners sleep mask, Weber said. “I wore a sleep mask most of my adult life, because the blind have always blocked disturbed my sleep, I find that when I wear a sleep mask every night, after a while, the mask is quite dirty oil on my skin. So it became obvious to me that I needed something between my skin and the mask to avoid soiling the mask. Then I came up with the idea to the lining washable sleep mask to solve the problem. “

The design of the lining of Weber has two rather large cut on circular holes directly in front of the wearer’s eyes. Studies show that many people open, close and blink during sleep. These 1-3/4 “diameter cuts are put there to allow this kind of movement of the eyelids to be held at home with little or no obstruction of obstruction that could disturb the sleep of the wearer.


washable sleep mask Liners are available for immediate delivery. There are ten (10) liners in each package. Price of ten liners (WWL-10) is $ 10.95 (plus $ 2.00 s / h). Included in the package are: 10 Liners, Velcro fasteners and complete instructions for use. Washable felt liners are designed as “one size fits all” and the size of an inner lining: 8 “long by 3” wide. The color is light gray. For more information write to: Originals by Weber, 338 Avenue Alabama, Toms River, NJ 08753 or call (toll free): 877-309-8382. E-mail address is: and there are full details at:. Http: / /

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