Learn To Let Go

Two monks were preparing to cross a river when they spotted a beautiful girl in tears on the river bank. On request, they learned that the lady in question also needed to get through, but regretted his inability to do so, saying she could not afford to cross the river without getting wet.

old monk, almost 60 years, decided to conduct the lady on his shoulders. Now we all know that the monks are religious creatures, or are supposed to be. And the young monk has communicated his boredom and dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms. “We’re monks,” he said, “how can you think of doing such a thing? We took a vow to have no physical contact with women.”

After a brief argument, but Heated who used the young monk absolutely nothing, the old monk put the woman on his shoulders the old but sturdy and they went, all three of them.

The river was wide and deep and progress was slow, but the old monk wearing his beautiful burden without a murmur of complaint. The young monk? Oh! He was full of thoughts and silent rages older monk. “The old monk was a hypocrite, he was probably having fun, no doubt he had thoughts of common (so common is the right word here), how could he do such a thing was against their rigid rules, it was a disgrace to the church, he was one … and so on …

Well, the river wide and deep finally came to an end, and the monk has graciously submitted the pretty girl on the other side. The young monk could not fail to see the smile that lit up the old man’s face when the young lady thanked him with a kiss on his cheek and left.

Sequence of Monks has been long and difficult, yet the approach of the old monk has never wavered, in fact, he seemed to be imbued with extra force. The young monk, of course, walked behind, his bad temper growing by the minute, breath. After much time, can not control his tongue any longer, he raised the subject with his voice. “You have done something despicable,” he shouted. The old monk does not seem to hear. “How can you call yourself a monk?” No answer. “We are monks. We’re not supposed to touch the female flesh, and yet you made this woman for two hours on your shoulders. No doubt you enjoyed it.”

For the last comment of the old monk, turned around and said very quietly. “I put this lady down there two hours, but you are always with -. In your mind “

This story reminds you something about yourself? How many times have we hurt someone with words or actions, and dwell on the issue for an hour, one day or weeks? How many days have we spent planning the revenge? There are times when we can not sleep thinking of what the other person has said or done. While the person who has hurt us is sleeping peacefully . And strangely – and this is what happens most of the time – the other person is not even aware that he said something offensive and do something to cause us pain.

Clear your mind of negative thoughts. This way, you are more places to fill it with positive thoughts. If you have anything against anyone, or feel that someone does or says something to you hurt, talk to him about it and sort and then and there. End of the matter as soon as possible. Do not let it occupy your mind every waking minute. You are the one who suffers, not the other person. It your life becomes miserable.

Learn to let go. A friend once said, very carefully done. “If someone has hurt you and you think about it, even when you go to bed, that means you sleep with that person. “Now you want to sleep with someone who hurt you?


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