Latest Holiday Migraine Survey Results Published

Lichfield, Staffordshire (United Kingdom PRWeb) August 11, 2009

86% of people who have had a migraine during the last 12 months have experienced a migraine attack while on vacation. Among them, one in five (21%) say they “usually” or “always” is suffering from a migraine, immediately (1). Wet weather, changes in sleeping patterns and alcohol are all common triggers of migraine with 15% of the UK adult population affected, it seems that not just the credit crisis put a damper on our vacation this year.

The research, conducted by the manufacturers of migraine treatment Imigran Recovery, also examined how migraines can disrupt and ruin people vacation (1):

58% missed the sun and holiday activities
56% missing the time with family
56% felt they let other people down

independent life coach Gladeana McMahon, gives her top three tips to manage your migraines on vacation:

Stress can be a trigger for migraine so put important documents in your travel bag the night before your departure to avoid last minute panic on the day.
Departure for the airport at least an hour before you think you need.? Better to have a coffee in peace than to arrive too late for your flight and end up feeling anxious.
Changes in routine, like getting up and going to bed later, or a change in time zones can trigger a migraine so do not forget to take your medicines against migraine. Imigran Recovery was the first migraine treatment available at the pharmacy without a prescription. It is part of the class of drugs called triptans. Imigran Recovery contains sumatriptan, which, unlike regular analgesics acting on the root causes of migraine to relieve the four main symptoms, headache, nausea, sensitivity to light or sound. Just one tablet can start the relief of migraine in about 30 minutes to help victims get on with their lives.

30 year old who suffers from migraine Rebecca Ferguson of London explains how she feared to leave on vacation: “Holidays were often ruined by my migraines Hot weather affected me a lot and so I often had a migraine for the first time. a few days of being away. Imigran Recovery gives me fast relief of migraine pain and allows me to enjoy all of my holiday. “


1. Research conducted by the Survey virtual 515 people, 26 March 2008.

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