Japan Is No Longer An Expensive Country For Traveling. Club Tocoo!, a Revolutionary Internet-Based Discount Travel Reservation Service, Introduces 109Yen (US$1) Per Room Hotels in Japan. — Tokyo, Japan

(PRWEB) April 16, 2004

“Japan has always been an expensive city for travelers. They are looking to rent a car to explore the Japanese countryside, or looking for a cheap stay in a city , travelers have never had the best deal. We launched Tocoo club! English in order to put an end to this unfortunate situation and make it possible for international travelers to experience the real Japan. Japan is more than an expensive country to travel. “said Keiji Nishimura, the founder and president of Coocom Co., Ltd.


is now looking for business partners abroad who are able to cooperate in that capacity. It has also launched affiliate programs that give affiliates with attractive offers and content to their users.

Now, with the addition of competitive Tocoo! Fair pricing system, travelers will benefit even more by finding the lowest possible cost travel when traveling in Japan. In the middle of April 2004, the Club Tocoo! will reduce prices for customers in the ordinary reduced prices only to 109Yen per room per night for an unlimited number of guests staying in the rooms. This will significantly reduce the cost of Traveller accommodation in single, long-stay travelers, especially for travelers and family groups. This promotion will run until the end of June

The launch of the

Tocoo! Fair is part of their expanding services. They currently have over 290 affiliated hotels reduced nationally on their website. Making use of the concept of using free room and last minute bookings, rates are up to 77% off and as low as ¥ 1,050 (About U.S. $ 9.5) per person per night. Air service packages will be added this summer.

Tocoo club! started six years ago in Japan. Its unique and revolutionary service is based on principles such as a separate charge for meals and beds, the use of otherwise vacant rooms at discounted prices without commission from the hotels. Its principle is based on the assumption that accommodation costs are lowered both to other foreign countries, to and from Japan can be more easily achieved. The service is managed solely on membership fees, which eliminates the conventional system ignores the load by informing the customer exactly what is charged by the hotels. The service now has a membership of over 430,000, and the number of registered hotels has increased to 2400 in Japan.

Keiji Nishimura think the reason for the success of Club Tocoo! lies in the fact that he “stuck to a system that is radically different from traditional travel agencies, and established the system as a model of successful enterprise in the field of travel booking on the Internet. We believe that our clear system for loading and international travelers the choice of having their meals also go a long way to meet their needs. Our service began from the perspective of the traveler, and we will continue to provide travel services that focus on travelers. ”

Founder & President

Nishimura began Akiyado Club (the “club of the hotel vacancy,” the name of the original club) with only 42 hotels in January 1998. With a line taken from “nights for only 1200Yen by using vacant room, “his services were seen by many Japanese media since the beginning. He won a number of users through word-of-mouth since the Japanese version launched six years ago. A now more than 430,000 members and 2,400 hotels, 900 car rental locations nationwide, and 1,000 vacation packages.

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