Hydrate Your Skin “Naturally” and Affordably This Summer and Beyond

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 10, 2009

Biocare Labs, the first company in the United States to create a line of personal care products infused with an exclusive complex of Alpha Bioplex, introduced new and improved clear skin naturally? . This line of moisturizer has an average price of $ 6.99 and is formulated to help nourish the body. Advanced formula naturally clear skin? penetrate deep into skin cells, providing maximum hydration with a clean finish. Naturally Clear Skin? is a system of skin care revolution which pairs high standards of quality care with pharmacy prices for luxurious results.

naturally clear skin

owners? the Alpha-Bioplex Complex, helps promote skin renewal naturally with the gentle exfoliation using fruit acids. Acting as a scrub the top layer of skin, Alpha Bioplex enables lotions and creams to penetrate deep into skin cells allowing skin hydration more effective and sustainable.

“Women and men are always looking for lotions to keep skin hydrated without having to reapply. In response to what consumers are looking for, we created a skincare line that not only provides lasting moisture but exfoliates the skin for more penetration that soothes and protects, “said Romina Brown, SSI Consulting, the skin naturally clear? “. BioCare Labs addresses these needs by creating a system of care with natural fruit acids that provide quality and affordability at the same time.”

Clear skin naturally? Tips and Product Line Skin-Saving:

Body Butter

use a daily lotion ($ 5.99 – 8 fl oz and 12 oz $ 8.99 -.. fl.).

Body Butter Lotion contains daily use of shea butter, cocoa butter and a single Alpha Bioplex soothes and heals the skin leaving a velvety finish. This nutrient-rich lotion easily penetrates the skin to nourish and detoxify even the deepest layers. Its blend of fruit acids antioxidant acts as an excellent exfoliant and daily moisturizer to keep skin looking young and healthy. This lotion is perfect after a shower to help seal in moisture from the skin.

Best Body Oil ($ 7.99 – 6 oz.).

This rich blend of sesame seed oil and aloe extract will leave skin feeling silky smooth with a few simple sprays. It is easy to use spray nourishes dehydrated, dry skin while hydrating natural ingredient heals the skin and protects against harmful sun rays. It’s great to use the bath water or on damp skin, usually after showering before moisturizing to help nourish the skin.


Corps ($ 5.99 – 8 oz.).

This thick, rich lotion combines pure cocoa butter, shea butter from Africa, the extract of sugar cane and olive oil, some of the ingredients of the world the deepest moisturizer to allow maximum hydration. It soothes, heals and easily penetrates the skin to nourish and detoxify the deeper layers of tissue and helps retain moisture by slowing water loss through the skin layers. This lotion is an ideal treatment for hard-to-eat areas -. Coat the bottom of your feet with this lotion and put on socks before going to bed one night, the entire healing experience

Hand Cream

healing ($ 5.99 – 4 fl oz and $ 1.49 -.. 1 ounce)

This nutrient-rich lotion blends African shea butter, herbal extracts and vitamin E to help prevent the formation of premature wrinkles. Its natural antioxidant complex neutralizes free radicals, stabilizing cell membranes and protects skin cells vital for the production of healthy cells. This is a very hand lotion throughout the day and also at night before bed to help soothe and heal the skin.

Moisturizing Lip Treatment

(-.. $ 1.49 4 oz)

complex plant extract treats lips to nourishing experience and helps prevent premature wrinkles and acts as a protector against the hostile environment for the reproduction of healthy cells. Before going to bed, wipe your lips with a hot towel and placed on the lips lip moisturizing treatment for service quickly and easily at night.

about BioCare Labs

Biocare Labs, located in Bedford Park, IL, specializes in the manufacture of preventive and curative personal care since 1991. The line of naturally clear skin is available nationwide at select Walgreens, Walmart and the best beauty supply stores and pharmacies in select grocery stores and big box stores. The product line has a suggested retail price of $ 1.49 – $ 8.99 and all are available online at the national level. Biocare Labs is also responsible for the creation of the line hair care Maven and one with hair care products of nature. For more information on the clear skin naturally? online, visit or call 1-800-736-8657 http://www.biocarelabs.com.

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