How to live till you’re 100 years old

What is the secret recipe for living a healthy, long life, which could last at least a century? It is a question that people have tried to find an answer for over a thousand ans.En Sradinia (Italy) and Okinawa (Japan) there is a high number of people who ar more than 100 years. Is it the diet if rented the reason fot the imortality near these people? No, there is pas.Des studies have shown that they

from a mild climate (in Okinawa, the temperature hovers around 20 º C all year) and in regions experiencing temperature extremes, the very young and the elderly can really suffer. In both places, those who reach the age of 80 survive much longer.

According to some studies, the argument of a mild climate could add an extra three years to your life.

one aspect of your imviroment which does not increase your long stay rate is stress disorder, confusion and chaos. Dusty piles of newspapers, old clothes and disorganized financial records could lead to high blood pressure, which is a killer trained today.

The facts below

are presented in the book by Dr Trisha Macnair, ‘The Long Life Equation “.

After studying a number of patients reached the Macnair conclusion that “happy people are more likely to exercise and have friends and family around helps when things go wrong.”

Trisha Macnair

concluded that we live longer. Over the past 100 years, the average life expectancy has increased by two years every decade.

Geneticist Aubrey de Grey, Cambridge University, believes that aging is, in fact, a disease that can be cured. In fact, he wants us all to live to 1,000 years old. He says the benefits of curing aging are endless: “People are not sick and value life more, which means that we will work hard to prevent early death,” he explains.


Grey works on his ageless society, Dr. Macnair hope we will all work on keeping our minds and strong bodies for old age, but do not obsess about it (you will lose two years). “We will never know when the bus is coming around the corner for all you can do is try to improve the odds in your favor.”

Here are some interesting facts about dr. Macnair book, “The equation of long life”

Add one year to the intelligence.
Scottish Mental Health Survey found people with lower IQ had a higher risk of dying from lung cancer and stomach, because they were more likely to smoke.

Add four years to your life for good sex.
People who orgasm twice a week are half as likely to die from heart disease. Women who have a fulfilling sex life because their partner suffers from premature ejaculation or impotence are more likely to have a heart attack.

Add two years to wash their hands.
Only half of us wash their hands after visiting the public toilets and less a dozen doctors wash their hands between patients. Contact between people is the primary means of spread of disease.

lose a year of exposure to noise.
Your neighbor sleepless nights and the ticking alarm clock can be annoying, but they are also bad for your health. Noise creates stress that puts the body in a state of high alert, even when you sleep, your brain and your body continues to react to sounds and pumps stress hormones.

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