Heel-Right Offers Relief For Stubborn Foot Pain Caused By Plantar Fasciitis — Millions of People Affected by Heel Spurs Can Walk With Confidence Thanks to Neoprene Sock

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 14, 2006

Talon-RightTM, http://www.heel-right.com, today announced that the sock right heel remarkable patented orthopedic provides relief for persistent foot pain is now widely available.

The patented sock

support supplies for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, commonly known as heel spur syndrome or heel pain.

common symptoms of plantar fasciitis or heel spurs include:

Difficulty with early stages of bed in the morning
Heel pain after sitting for a while and then try to walk
Heel pain that increases as you are on your feet
Constant heel pain
Foot pain or heel of weeks or months

physician and Sports Medicine Journal reports that nearly 2 million Americans receive treatment for plantar fasciitis or heel spurs each year. This means more than ten percent of the U.S. population will be suffering from this disease during their lifetime.

Heel-Right support

plantar fasciitis is an easy, inexpensive and effective in relieving foot pain tenacious.

plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as the syndrome of heel pain, is often a very chronic disease, extremely painful and stubborn resolve. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the average time resolution 6? 18 months. The academy also reported that nearly 50 percent of those suffering from plantar fasciitis syndrome or heel pain have lived with heel pain for over a year.

? I developed the sock right heel, having seen patients who, for years, lived with the debilitating foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis? said Dr. Kerry L. Johnson, President and CEO of divine concepts. ? The goal we have achieved with the right heel sock was to provide patients with heel spur or plantar fasciitis relief both cost effective and easily in just a few weeks.

-right heel sock patented foot pain relief has been proven to work in clinical studies where subjects who had confirmed cases of plantar fasciitis syndrome or heel pain, reported an average improvement of foot pain more than 73 percent in just three weeks.

Many of these test cases experienced complete resolution of heel pain in as little as one week.


right heel

right heel is a division of, and relieve foot pain patented proprietary product, Divine Concepts, LLC. The company? Mission is to provide innovative and practical solutions for people with bad. We believe right heel will prove to be the most comfortable, convenient and cost effective available today on the market to cure foot pain.

Learn more about

right heel http://www.heel-right.com 888-STEP-EZE or call (888-783-7393).

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