Great Way to last longer in bed

If you are looking for a way to last longer in bed, it is certainly your article. Here I will offer you to try something that will definitely change your love life together and build your confidence to the sky.

You suffer from premature ejaculation? And probably want to find a way to last longer in bed? Well, have you thought about training your PC muscle and do Kegels?

If you’re like most guys out of there, you probably do not. Do you know that approximately 93% of men asked if they want to last longer in bed, say yes? And 100% of them do not know exactly how. I think it’s a shame! There are several good ways to improve your sexual performance and endurance. I think every man has to know – this is one of the most useful things a man can learn when it comes to his sex life


Ok, so let’s take a look my favorite way to last longer in bed – a technique that seems to be very effective. It’s all about you controlling during sex.

So, during sex, you’re going to ejaculate – maybe about 2-3 minutes after the start and you are going to feel embarrassed. First, because it is the worst think you can do right now. Instead of thinking “I will blow very soon” just stay calm and say. “Okay, I’ll use the bottom step excitation technique” and then go to step two of the

The second step

– the majority. When you go to ejaculate, you want to decrease the stimulation of your penis, so what you do is push as deep as you can in your daughter and then grind your hips, moving your pubic bone in her vagina. This seems to her as such a nice course that gives clitoral stimulation she will love.

On the other hand, this means to you last longer in bed – we do about 30 seconds and your excitement level will drop enough to continue with intercourse. This way you will be able to last longer without stopping to have sex and your daughter do not even know what happened – it will be even happier than you! That’s why I call it my favorite way to last longer in bed!

This is only part of the techniques you can learn. If you want to learn to last longer in the long term all the time, you better see this book -. Ejaculation trainer

This is the best source you can find, I guarantee! You will love the exercises that will teach you how to control you! Ejaculation trainer

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