Easy-To-Apply Paper Illusions’ Faux Finisher is Newest Addition to USA Wallpaper’s Selection

Sandusky, OH (PRWEB) September 3 June 2008

United States recently added Paper Illusions Wallpaper to their already wide collection of wallpaper products. Illusions paper, wall coverings manufactured by village, is a brand new yet familiar taste of siding with the details of faux finishes. The addition of Illusions paper for United Wallpaper Select brand gives customers another great choice when you give a look at their walls faux finish good.

Faux finishing is

growing a huge craze in interior design and decoration. He creates artistic finishes that imitate marble, wood, leather, granite, stone, and more. The usual route with drawings of faux finish is paint, but it can be messy, complicated and toxic. Moreover, wallpaper lasts longer than paint. However, installing regular wallpaper is exactly the same thing – it takes time and can end up in disarray.

The new designer wallpaper

illusions paper offers an alternative with its easy installation process easy. One can simply tear off a strip of paper inside his Illusions wallpaper roller, dip it in warm water and apply directly to any flat surface to dry. Any wall can instantly look stylish, faux finish and any room can get a fast and affordable makeover. In addition, regular wallpaper faux finish wall covering requires to smooth the surface, but with illusions of paper, uneven, cracked or damaged walls are not a problem. The lines, grooves and other imperfections can be covered by overlapping pieces of paper painted faux finish, provided they are? “Wide or less. This simple process gives the whole wall of textured, elegant effect of a faux finish.

simple dip tearing request the installation of products Illusions paper also eliminates the health risks that come with fake decorative finishing techniques that can be acquired from exposure and inhalation of chemicals from the paint. In addition, the removal of false wall coverage is as easy as hanging them. The interior wallpaper can simply be peeled off the wall without using chemical strippers. A simple jet of water is sufficient to soften the wallpaper adhesive and can just take them off easily by hand.

Apart from the walls

, Paper Illusions wallpaper design can be used to decorate furniture, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, doors and floors. It is durable and washable, too.

Paper Illusions wallpaper

false comes in a range of shades and effects of faux finishes such as stone marbled vanilla or French terra cotta, marble Florentine stone or earth, or illusions script in cobalt blue Tuscan or red.

About United Wallpaper

United Wallpaper distributes several brands of wallpaper and borders, and ornaments at home, bed, bath accessories and kitchen incubator? horn, sets of clothing and gifts, and home accents others. Wallpaper Paper Illusions faux finish can now be purchased from the official website United Wallpaper, http://www.usawallpaper.com.

About Illusions

paper wall coverings Village ‘

Paper Illusions is the newest wallpaper wall coverings village. Wallpaper faux finish is available in 31 colors and finishes, and sold as 85 square foot bolt. More information about the wallpaper style padded interior can be found in: http://www.usawallpaper.com/inin.html, http://www.usawallpaper.com/papilbyvilwa.html, http://www . wallpaperillusions.com / and http://www.paperitfun.com/photo-gallery.html.

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