Cretors Stacking Hot Dog Grill Doubles Grilling Capacity for Foodservice Equipment in Small Spaces

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 25, 2008

Cretors C. and Company, the leading designer and manufacturer of catering equipment and concession over 120 years, offers a new solution to a common problem in the food service industry space constraints -. Often, the products of the catering equipment industry are bulky and take up valuable space, but Cretors found a way to avoid this potential problem with his new hot dog grill stackable. Ideal for applications where counter space is scarce food, including convenience stores, concession stands and counters catering equipment, the stacking unit double its production capacity while occupying minimal counter space .

Double stacking unit of output, but occupies minimal counter space

available to accommodate all Cretors Hot Dog BBQ, the stacking unit integrates the gates hot dog in one unit. Stackable Hot Dog Grill Cretors increases capacity by allowing two cooking grills hot dogs to be stacked in the space of one year. Unlike other grills hot dogs that extend horizontally across a counter, the unique, stainless steel exclusive stacking Cretors function allows users to expand grilling surfaces vertically, saving valuable room .

Hot dog grill accessories stacking to save space for small shops and counters

Cretors Hot Dog Grill is equipped with an innovative, patent pending, design center drive shaft, which reduces stress on gears and ensures a longer engine life. Cretors products are durable and built to last, which can be very useful in the industry of catering equipment. With a cooking surface of stainless steel and aluminum in a hot plate, the meat is evenly heated to the desired operating temperature. Other features include a grill angular displacement, which allows a complete rotation of hot dogs on the plate of the heat, and a removable grill and grease trap for easy cleaning of the grid, trap and deck.

Cretors Stackable Hot Dog Grill is also available with Bun Warmer Cretors. Designed to hold 30 hot dog or hamburger buns, the Cretors Bun Warmer is suitable for applications in dry or wetted.


Cretors and Company C

Founded in 1885, C. Cretors and Company is the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment providing a complete range of innovative solutions to food service companies worldwide. An innovator in the industry renowned, in 1885 Cretors introduced the first steam engine patented popcorn popcorn in the oil. Since 1967, the Division Cretors’ Food Processing has offered a line of patented continuous production with a hot air oven fluidized bed to produce high-volume popcorn.


long and rich history of the company, its Foodservice Division offerings have expanded to include machines that produce and / or dispense cotton candy, nachos, caramel corn and hot dogs, topping and distribution equipment and heating and windows. Today, Cretors continues to reinvest in research and development to ensure continuous improvement in everything from equipment manufacture to customer responsiveness to distributor network communications.

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