‘Animals’ Keep Germs Away From Kids’ Toothbrushes

Honolulu, Hawaii (Vocus) April 7, 2010

The Centers for Disease Control advise that even after being rinsed visibly clean, toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic organisms.

children exposed to more germs now than in past decades – and with resistant organisms seem more than ever – the parents would do well to find ways to reduce the risk of exposure and infection. In fact, if a child has a cold or flu, for example, germs on the toothbrush can do evil lasts longer. (The toothbrush contamination can continue to reinfect the child whenever he or she begins the process of daily tooth brushing.)

Who would have thought that? wildlife? could be used to disinfect your child? s toothbrush?

Dr. Tung

? S Products, the leader is natural oral care products, recently released its children? Snap-on toothbrush sanitizer, with lions and pandas? biting? germs!

This seemingly simple device

breaks over the head toothbrush and antibacterial vapors released on hair. The best part is that the disinfectant uses a proprietary blend of natural essential oils that make the germ-killing, so that children are not exposed to against nature, aggressive chemicals.

And when the disinfectant reaches the end of its useful life, he mixes in the jungle? environment with a very small footprint! According DrTung? S, the entire unit is 100% biodegradable and transformed into biomass in 1-5 years.

its low price – about $ 5 for a set of two -? DrTung s Kids? Snap-On Sanitizer should be on every child? S toothbrush to make them smile and their parents.

will soon be available in stores leading health, natural supermarkets such as Whole Foods and specialty stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Dr. Tung? S production was more effective, natural products, oral care since 1997. The products include the best-selling Dr. Tung? S Stainless Steel Cleaner Tongue, Snap-On Sanitizer toothbrush, dental floss intelligent? and ionic toothbrush.


Colin Davis

Dr. Tung? S products??

Tel: 808 239 5799

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