10 Tips to Being the Best Guest This Summer

PALM BEACH, Florida (PRWEB) June 28, 2004

While traveling on summer vacation, the key to happiness is to make your manners with you along the path. According to AAA Auto Club South, more people are expected to travel this summer compared to last year. Nationally, about 34.4 million are expected to travel by car, about 3.3% more than last year. Many travelers will stay with friends and relatives.

Being a guest in someone? s home can be a delicate situation. One false move and you can quickly be labeled a pest, rather than a guest. With communication, thoughtful planning and ways you can avoid turning your experience houseguest in a tumultuous episode of Survivor.

Here are ten tips to help you become the perfect guest, and make your visit away from home more enjoyable.

1. The Essentials


come. Don? T show unprepared. Talk to your host before you leave home and ask for clothes you’ll need. You don? T want to borrow your host? Clothing whenever you need something to wear. Also bring your own toiletries and other essentials such. Your host will provide towels, sheets and pillows, but n? T expect your favorite shampoo or facial cleanser to be waiting for you.

2. Details, Details

If you? re late, make sure your host knows you? re on the road. The more details you provide, the better. Give the host your arrival and departure, and let him know whether or not you need to be picked up at the bus station or train station. Be prepared to pay for your own transportation if the host has other obligations and is unable to pick you up.

3. Keep the beat

When you arrive at your host? s home, keep the lines of communication open. Give the hosts a general itinerary of your activities during your stay unless activities have already been provided for you. Adjust to your host? S schedule and keep pace with his. If your visit will be long, Don? T expect to be entertained at all times. Give the host a break from time to time and have fun for a while.

4. Keep a tight lip

Don? Does the discipline of the host? s children or animals. And never bring your own animals or children, unless they are invited.

5. Dieting Diva

If you have special dietary needs or restrictions, let your host know in advance. If you are on a special low-fat, low carb, bring your own snacks. Don? T expect your host to go shopping for all your personal disposition. Above all, Don? T raid your host? Fridge s.

6. Gracious client

In gratitude, it’s a nice gesture to give your host a gift. A factory, a food basket, gift certificate or a bottle of good wine makes a great gift. However, if you give a bottle of wine, Don? T expect your host to open when you visit.

7. Helping Hands

If you stay a long time, help with household chores. Make your bed, not with some tasks, Don? T tie the relay service for long, and don? T use any hot water. Remember that you? Re staying in someone? S home? not a hotel.

8. Wear out a welcome

Don? t stay longer than you promised. Remember the adage: after three days, guests and fish begin to stink. It? Is better to leave with the feeling that you want to stay longer than waiting for the tour is old and tired.

9. Trouble in Paradise

If you and your host does not get along as easily as you had planned to leave early, but it tact. Be courteous and grateful. Maintain the friendship by focusing on the positives.

10. Write the movement

After leaving your host? s home, always write a thank you note within 24 hours. This will help ensure that you are invited back again.

Jacqueline Whitmore

is a certified etiquette expert, professional speaker, and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. She was featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Woman? Day and Glamour. For more information on its programs, products or services, e-mail her at info@etiquetteexpert.com or visit their website at http://www.etiquetteexpert.com.


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